Art Education Series: Valuable creative knowledge for today

Our times have exploded with amazing new creative ideas .

To keep your creativity up to date and well informed, an art education becomes important.

There’s valuable creative information from past art movements and centuries of relevant creative information available.

Stuff that can really help your creativity grow today.

“Birth of Venus” 1485 by Sandro Botticelli Uffizi, Florence. tempera on canvas 172.5 cm × 278.5 cm

The Simon Brushfield Art education series gives you a different and interesting perspective on the art world. Highly valuable creative knowledge that will give you creative confidence .

Save yourself valuable time and energy by learning from Master Artists today, as well as important contemporary creative tips and techniques. It’s free, fun and easy. Start building your knowledge today. It’s fascinating stuff and highly relevant for these times we live in.

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Here’s 5 articles that can help you build your creative art education and take advantage of important creative knowledge today.

A Renaissance family study – Building Wealth with Art
This article outlines ways to build an empire on creativity and new ideas from the Renaissance.

This article discusses Andy Warhol and the creative spirit in famous leaders.

How to create art that appeals to large audiences: Lessons from the past
This article offers ways past masters improved the level of desire for their art by appealing to large audiences.

8 Lessons for Modern Creators from Leonardo Da Vinci
This article discusses 8 lessons the Leonardo learnt during his lifetime. Amazing information you can use today to improve your creativity.

How to sell original paintings for record prices: a brief case study
This article discusses reasons why a famous contemporary artist in Australia, now dead, was such an international hit and consistently sold paintings for record prices.

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