Creativity and Originality: How to Stand Out from the Crowd

This is a story about creativity

Having fun

Following your dreams

And achieving a breakthrough

It’s very easy and works every time

My story illustrates the importance of fresh ideas

People love them

But new ideas require a little creative thinking

Creativity is fun

Being original requires bravery

If you want to think freely and move forward

Here’s my advice…

Point 1. Do something different

Stand out from the crowd

Do something people will enjoy

Something they will appreciate

Just because it’s different

Use your creativity

This is my story…

After graduating from University, finding my first job was difficult

I needed a breakthrough to get started

So I moved to Sydney and found it

In a strange place…

A dirty paddock

My light bulb moment came walking, nearby my home. I lived in a very unglamorous old slaves quarters for men

As I wandered through the paddock, an interesting object appeared before my eyes

Kitchen sink image Creativity and Originality: How to Stand Out from the Crowd

I stood there transfixed by an old style enamel kitchen sink

Standing there, I wondered how it could help me find a job?

Ahhh, I had an idea…

Point 2: To receive a breakthrough, be imaginative and enjoy being silly.

So I picked up the heavy sink and took it home

Cleaned and polished it

Saturday came

I saw a job advertised in the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper

Of course, the company required experience

I had none

It was a very highly paid job too. A prime position

I thought to myself…

“What have I got to lose?”

So, I went for the job

But rather than using the normal approach, as 99.9% job seekers do, I did things differently

I used my creativity

Sitting on the bus I received many odd looks from people

They probably wondered, “Why does that guy have a kitchen sink on his lap?”

People stared as I carried the kitchen sink down the main street of Sydney, at peak hour, in bright yellow pants

It was heavy

Serious faced business people were rushing around in dark suits

I was quietly amused by the silliness of life

The recruitment office was a beautifully opulent marble skyscraper

Dripping in wealth

Filled with very serious, stern professionals

I wondered if this normally conservative company had ever received an application like mine?

I was excited

To be going against the mainstream gives me adrenalin

Creative people are odd, without even trying

Here’s what is needed to follow a crazy original idea you might have…

Point 3. You need courage in the face of enormous potential embarrassment

Back to the story…

On the sink, where the hot tap should have been, there was a wide hole

So I rolled my brief resume and cover letter and slotted the papers into the hole

My cover letter was simple

It read…


I greeted the receptionist

And placed my large kitchen sink on her desk

“Here is my application for the graphic design position”

The office fell about with laughter

Suddenly, a boring day in the office had changed

From seriousness to silliness

Point 4: People enjoy something out of the ordinary, to give them inspiration and amusement in life.

But I was serious.

I asked the receptionist, “Can you please make sure my application receives the attention of Mr Bob Dewey?”

The giggling receptionist made a phone call to her boss.

I was sent directly to Mr Dewey’s office. He was the recruitment executive controlling the job.

With no experience and as a fresh graduate, I spent 30 minutes talking with the decision maker of a high profile recruitment company in Sydney.

He was intrigued

Creativity and Originality was the key

Word quickly spread around the office. And other executives came to meet the weirdo in yellow pants with the kitchen sink. Just to shake my hand and say…

“We’ve never seen anything like this before!”

The whole office was entertained

At the close of the conversation, the top man in the company guaranteed me an interview

I had risked embarrassment

And my stunt worked perfectly

Creativity is exciting

With zero experience, I got down to the last 3 applicants

The whole job seeking process was turned into great fun

I had found my break through

Designing in the creative department for Mr Rupert Murdoch’s News Limited

Final Point: Breakthrough’s happen when we relax, put ourselves on the line and follow our unique creativity.

Here’s my advice…

Live life following your crazy ideas

People will celebrate them

Rise above boredom and stand out from the crowd

Discover innovative ways of doing things

You’ll have so much fun

Plus, you’ll get what you want.

People need your creativity for inspiration

They need your originality and leadership

What’s your story?

Please leave a comment below

For further ideas on how to stand out from the crowd, you might like to read the book ‘Made to Stick’ by Chip & Dan Heath

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Simon Brushfield is an artist whose work has been described as ‘poetic, enigmatic and dreamlike’ (Michael Berry, "Selected Contemporary Artists of Australia" book). His paintings have been exhibited and sold across Australia and internationally. If you enjoyed this post, sign up to Simons VIP list and have posts sent directly to your inbox.


  1. Great post Mr Brushfield,

    We must be careful not to be too serious when we create huh? Too much pressure to succeed can inhibit exploration.

    If we don’t explore then we will never find what we weren’t looking for… and that is a tragedy. To be stuck in same old, same old, never learning and never growing.

    Keep searching and keep finding. Gold is often found in unusual places.

    Creativity demands some kind of surrender.

    Geoff Talbot
    Blogging and Commenting In Only Seven Sentences

    • Hi Geoff, thanks for your thoughts. Yes, lets not take ourselves or our creativity too seriously. Exploring is great fun, especially with a creative outlook, and people love the freshness new ideas bring. Go for Gold! Simon

  2. Adriana Garces says:

    Hello Simon!
    I enjoyed this article wholeheartedly, yet it’s what I call “a video moment!” Just imagine the entire journey on film! I was laughing, smiling and proud of your brave creativity. It’s the kind of unique quality I admire in friends I had the honor of knowing and sharing my quirkiness with as a young aspiring artist. In those days, walking out into crowds meant assuring we were getting noticed. Strange stares cameras flickering and adding followers to our then “flash mobs,” were a regular occurrence. One more thing, thanks for being”you.” What a boring world it would be without all the color we add! Stay well friend. ;-)

  3. Just brilliant :) I will be smiling about this all day.
    Oculus Mundi recently posted… My Profile

  4. Really enjoyed the article – “The importance of standing out in a crowd.” It gave me a lot of ideas. But am I bold enough? I’ll have to process that and enjoy the fun in the meantime.

  5. Simon, I found myself nodding and smiling throughout this post. Just recently I heard a businessman talking about how few people attempt to snag things that seem out of their league like this job opening. I love how you set yourself apart and made yourself unforgettable.

  6. Oh I love this post. Sometimes it just takes the right amount of creativity and originality to get what we want. Good thing it worked out for you.
    Mark Murray recently posted… lisping solution My Profile

  7. What a creative way to nab a job. Now I know what to do the next time I apply for a position.
    Christopher James recently posted… Steve Clayton and The Trinity Code My Profile

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