My Favourite Life: 10 things you didn’t know about me

My favourite things in life is really an endless list

But I have struggled to reduce everything into 10 things that you might find interesting about my life. Of course, they are all 100% true.

Please tell me your favourite things in the comments box below the post.

‘Gandhi’ by Simon Brushfield (2013) Pen and ink on paper 21cm x 10cm $450

1. I was born on the 27/7/70. My favourite number is 7

2. My favourite personal grooming activity is to clean my ears with cotton buds because it feels amazing

3. My favourite television show is Cesar Milan’s “Dog Whisperer” because it teaches me about the enormous similarities between how human beings behave and how dogs behave socially

4. My favourite food in the morning is waking up for breakfast to poached eggs on toast covered by last nights lamb gravy. (Don’t knock it till you try it!)

5. On long boring plane trips I get hours of enjoyment giggling uncontrollably by watching practical joke television shows like “Just for laughs”. (I also watch them on YouTube with my phone whilst laying in bed at night)

6. During my mid 20’s I owned a successful business hiring windsurfers, whereby every summer I sat on a beautiful Australian beach, and people handed me hundreds of dollars everyday for my effort.

7. My favourite colour is yellow and my favourite fruit bananas. For my final year project at University I created a 10 foot three-dimensional realistic banana. My lecturer said it couldn’t be done, but I did it and got top marks. Also, another useless fact… my 1960s Malibu surfboard is yellow, and nicknamed the ‘big banana’

8. At age 14, I went to boarding school in Melbourne and cried all year from homesickness, being bullied and alone. This was not my favourite experience!

9. I once applied for a high job in a posh Sydney recruitment agency with a real 1950s porcelain kitchen sink. My resume was rolled up and placed into where the hot tap should’ve been. The cover letter read “Employ Simon Brushfield and he’ll give you everything including the kitchen sink”. I put the heavy kitchen sink on the receptionist’s immaculate marble desk and the office fell about with hysterical laughter.

10. I once played bass and sung in a Sydney rock band. The title song off our first album was aired on Australia ’s leading commercial radio station, triple M

‘Lollipop Trees in the You Yangs’ by Simon Brushfield (2013) Acrylic & Oil on Canvas 90cm x 60cm $2200

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  1. And thank you for sharing 10 things about yourself. I love your blog by the way.
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