Jeff Koons and Lady Gaga have a special new born baby

is a unique contemporary artist

He’s considered the most successful American artist since Warhol

The high profile American amazes the contemporary art world, regularly breaking worldwide sales records at auctions

Lady Gaga is also a record breaking artist, who captivates millions with her music and alluring creativity

The two recently combined their creative talents and their collaborative offspring is pictured below

Album Cover preview image released on Twitter by Lady Gaga 2013

Both artists live in New York, but exist in totally different creative worlds. The smart artistic move will surely bring a stream of new admirers to view their collective baby

The image above highlights Lady Gaga’s fascination with the famous Botticelli painting “ ”. Her album cover capitalizes on the iconic image created during the 1400’s around the Italian Renaissance

Similar to Andy Warhol , Koons is essentially a pop artist, who draws inspiration from popular culture, specifically from advertising and the entertainment world

However, in a slightly different perspective to Andy Warhol, who was more crudely fascinated by celebrity and fame, Jeff Koon’s believes his artistic mission is to “ communicate with the masses”.

Below is one example of his series called “Balloon Dog (Blue)”

Photo © Markus Tretter, courtesy Creative Commons

Koons has become famous for manufacturing large ‘toys for rich boys’ and similar to Warhol, is motivated to create pagan monuments to mass-culture, like his metallic ‘Popeye’, which he believes is a self-portrait

In person, Koons has been described as kind and dreamy, not the person to be overly judgmental

He says, “Removing judgments lets you feel, of course, freer, and you have acceptance of things, and everything’s in play, and it lets you go further”

Jeff Koons continues about his work and philosophy on life…

“I believe that art has been a vehicle for me that’s been about enlightenment and expanding my own parameters, to give me courage to exercise the freedom that I have in life,”

Similar to Lady Gaga, Koons is also an excellent marketer and creates global interest in whatever he does, especially when international art dealers like Christie’s sells his pieces for 80 million dollars

Like many artists Jeff Koons loves what he does and says, “Every day I wake up and I really try to pinch myself to take advantage of today and to use that freedom…to do what I really like to do.”

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