Commissioning Simon Brushfield

“This is your opportunity to immortalize a favorite moment from your life.  A special memory captured on canvas forever.”

“An original piece of art will add the finishing touches to your family room, dining room or office wall, making it both personal and stunning. “

The Value Of A Brushfield Commission:

  • Your memory is immortalized by a leading Australian Artist with 20 years in the business.
  • Your painting is created especially for your office, your living room or your dining. It will be a perfect fit.
  • A great piece of art can appreciate in value.
  • If you’re not completely satisfied; a 100% money back guarantee.

Simon’s Work:

Australian Red Wine – Value $15,000

‘Tennis in the Skyline – Est Value $17,000

Abstract Wheat – Special Places – Est Value $20,000

The Commissioning Process:

It starts with you: What moment, memory or experience is special to you? If you could have a painting of ANYTHING what would it be?

  • Where would you want this painting to hang? Where would you appreciate it most? Imagine your memory on the wall.
  • Then contact Simon Brushfield on the sign-up form below and discuss your commission with him.
  • Simon is highly relational and personal, he will walk you through the commission process. He will work with you as you he creates your masterpiece.
  • Soon you will have the supreme pleasure and visual satisfaction of looking at your favorite moment whenever you choose.

To have the perfect painting that you’ll be guaranteed to love. Send Simon an email below.

Simon’s Pricing:

Simon Brushfield is a highly sort after contemporary Australian artist, who’s work is coming increasingly into prominence in elite art circles.  His work is being collected in both Europe and North America. His work is of the highest quality and his pricing reflects this.

Until December 1st: Simon is offering potential clients a $2,500 discount on a corporate sized painting (See gallery examples for dimensions). The time to commission Simon Brushfield is now!

Typically a Brushfield Commission could cost in excess of $15,000 BUT right now Simon will immortalize your favorite image on canvas for only $12,500.

Video Testimonials:


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