Original Australian Pelican Bird Painting For Sale

Quality abstract art by Simon Brushfield

Do you love birds like I do?

Are you looking for a beautiful piece of investment art to add that finishing touch to your family room, dining room or office wall?

Choosing the right piece of art to compliment your unique interior decor is vitally important. You want your place to look fabulous.


For more than 20 years as an artist, I have seen some horrid pieces of art hanging on walls. And I’m guessing, you don’t want to make the same mistake?

You want to feel the supreme pleasure of visual satisfaction in your home or office because you spend a lot of time there.

‘Australian Pelicans’ by Simon Brushfield (2012) Oil & Acrylic on Canvas 1m x 1m Available For Sale $2,200

Here’s some mistakes I have seen people make when decorating their walls.

  • Some people think about abstract art, “Oh, my child could do that”. So they buy a cheap canvas and paint it themselves. Abstract art created by amateurs has the potential to ruin a room.
  • Too many cheap option art prints on the walls can make a home or office look like a poster shop.
  • Too many ‘happy snap’ photos all different sizes and shapes in no particular order, creates a disorganised mess.
  • Some walls are so cluttered with all sorts of kitch artefacts visitors feel visually assaulted, dazed and confused.
  • Some walls are too bare making the home or office feel soulless and empty.
  • Some walls lack visual balance displaying zero thought or careful planning.

Now, I understand, not all people are confident when placing art on their walls. “Oh, does that look right?” or “Maybe, it would look better over here on this wall?” or others might say, “I have no idea what type of frame would go well on my wall?”

There are many decisions to make when purchasing art and then hanging it on the wall.

It’s important to get it right the first time.

You don’t want to walk into your home or office and expose visitors to ‘visual awkwardness’. You want it to be inviting. Right? Your home and office needs to look just perfect! And you don’t want to take chances with your money or walls.

I’ve done it for many customers and I’d love to help you too.

riskfree red1 Original Australian Pelican Bird Painting For Sale

‘Natural Beauty’ by Simon Brushfield (2003) Oil & Acrylic on canvas 1.4 x 1.8m Private Acquisition

My long term customers don’t want to take a risk with an amateur artist. Of all the paintings that I’ve sold over the years, I am often asked to help people hang artwork or give them my thoughts on what might look best.

It’s nice and comforting to get the right advice from a humble professional.

Most of my customers buy a piece of art maybe once or twice a year. They need some reliable advice and confidence from a professional artist on what is best for them.

“I love to help my customers home and office walls look great”. – Simon Brushfield

If you are like me, you don’t want an amateur mechanic to help you with your car. It may never start or might break down on the highway. Who knows what will happen? Likewise, you don’t want an amateur to create a piece of abstract rubbish to hang on your walls.

You want to be confident of the people you commission. Right?

Here’s some typical requests that I’ve receive from past customers, when they’ve commissioned a piece of art from me. Some are very specific and detailed, others open and broad…

  • “Simon, I have some shells in my bathroom that I really love, can you do an abstract painting on them?”
  • “Simon, I love your work, just do me something, whatever you can think of”
  • “Simon, whatever you do, make sure the painting matches my cushions”
  • “Simon, my house is an architecturally designed modern home located by the seaside, so I would like something representing the ocean to hang above the fireplace”
  • “Simon, the bridge is going to be demolished. But I love it so much. I want a memory to cherish. Can you do a painting of the bridge for me?”

Because it’s essential to get the right painting on your wall, here’s my offer:

I will create for you a high quality, conceptual abstract painting that will be guaranteed to command attention. Visitors will be impressed and you will be delighted. But what many of my customers enjoy most, is involving them in the creative process. I want the customer to have input every step of the artistic process.

But that’s only if you are happy being involved? It’s up to you.

Here’s what you can expect when commissioning an original Simon Brushfield painting…

  • a painting created with much love and careful attention to detail
  • a painting perfectly suited to your personality and home
  • step by step feedback and interaction during the artistic process
  • guidance in choosing the right style of frame for the painting (if needed)
  • advice on how and where to hang the painting for maximum impact
  • peace of mind that your purchased artwork is a good investment, as my paintings have increased in price considerably over the years.
  • confidence that friends and visitors will respond positively towards your new acquisition as all my customers enjoy such comments
  • long term satisfaction and visual pleasure, filling your home or office with soul.

Here’s what one of my long term customers says about her 2 private acquisitions.

“Simon’s abstract paintings are beautifully executed works of art. While some are calm and restful, others, like the two that I own, are complex and sultry and immediately command one’s attention, emotionally and visually. I derive endless pleasure from these works”.

Dr. Annette, Australian Art Collector

Customers find my paintings curiously interesting, even fascinating.

At exhibitions some people gaze into my paintings for 30 minutes or more, absorbing the intricate details and textural qualities of the artwork. The way paint settles onto the canvas intrigues the eye. There is a mystery captured in every work and the use of mixed media and vibrant colour commands people’s attention.

Simons paintings “command attention” and give customers “endless pleasure”

My artwork gives something special to a space. So when a visitor comes to the door he says, “Ohhh, wow that’s sooo interesting!” People love the variation of subject matter in my art. As my customers express in the video below.

Video Testimonial

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When purchasing a piece of art it’s always important to know what you get for your money. When you purchase an original piece of art from Simon Brushfield you can be rest assured to receive the following…

  • Reasonable market driven price
  • Reliable Investment opportunity
  • 100% Money back guarantee


You also want to know that you’re dealing with a reputable artist who is committed to the profession.

  • More than 20 years experience
  • International exhibitions and publications
  • Private and Corporate Acquisitions


Abstract art can be difficult to evaluate. Simon will help you make the right decisions so that your purchase is perfect for what you need.

      • Conceptual Painting of beautiful Australian Pelicans.
      • Or a custom made painting suited to your particular home
      • Framed or Unframed. It’s up to you. 100moneyback maroon 21 Original Australian Pelican Bird Painting For Sale

        ‘Australian Pelicans’ by Simon Brushfield (2012) Oil & Acrylic on Canvas 1m x 1m Available For Sale $2,200

Ohhh, I love that piece and I want it or something similar for my wall…

Well, just fill in your contact details below and we can begin the creative process.


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But how can I be sure my purchase is a wise investment?

My first commission was an original painting to go in an old fashioned toilet. The painting is still loved very much today by its owners, who bought the artwork for $250 back in 1989.

But when I first started selling my paintings in a professional gallery, my paintings sold surprisingly quickly. The initial retail price was $1500. That was in the year 2000. A few years later my paintings were selling for $3,000. Then $6,000 up until today, my large paintings are valued at $10,000 AUD each.

If the past is any indication, when you buy an original Simon Brushfield painting it will be guaranteed to increase in value in the years to come. Get in early for maximum value in your art investment.

Many others have wisely purchased an original Simon Brushfield painting and have experienced many years of visual pleasure. All the while watching their investment increase in value.

My paintings are now hanging in beautiful architecturally designed homes as well as special old traditional homes as you will see in the following testimonial video.


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Ok Simon, I definitely want a painting for my wall…What should I do now?

To discuss your specific requirements in confidence, please contact me using the form below and we can begin the process of creating your custom made original painting that is guaranteed to look fabulous hanging on your wall. Total Satisfaction. No Risk. 100% money back guarantee!

But what if I discover that I don’t like the painting, once it’s hanging on my wall?

Firstly, this has never happened to any of my customers. In all humility, I have not once had a customer who disliked a picture that I had painted for them. But if, in the highly unlikely situation, you dislike my painting once it is hanging on your wall, I will gladly give your money back and arrange for the painting to be returned via courier.

At no cost to you.

Then, if you want to make further refinements, I would be more than happy to work with you to improve the painting to make sure you are fully satisfied once it is hanging on your wall. I have many private and corporate customers fully satisfied with their purchase of my paintings, bringing much enjoyment to a variety of people.

Please watch the video below for another testimonial from a high profile Australian educational organisation who purchased some abstract pieces in Melbourne.

Video Testimonial

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I humbly remind you that I haven’t had a disappointed customer yet. I believe you will love one of my original paintings hanging on your wall. And visitors will be suitably impressed too.

Remember, there’s no risk to you. 100% money back guarantee. It is my passionate desire to make you totally satisfied once the artwork is hanging on your wall. If not, I will gladly give the money back or make refinements until you are completely happy with your investment. Purchase an original Simon Brushfield painting now whilst prices remain reasonable.

Fill in your details below and we can start creating together.