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Dear Art Lover,

Here’s the perfect gift…

I’ve just released a beautiful new painting for sale

Do you want to give the perfect gift? Choosing the perfect gift for your loved one is essential, but it’s not always easy to decide what’s right

Without a difficult decision making process or any complex delivery issues, I can send this painting to your doorstep. Right away

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Perfect Gift painting by Simon Brushfield

‘Perfect Gift’ by Simon Brushfield (2010) Charcoal, Oil & Acrylic on paper 19cm x 21cm Unframed $450

You want to feel confident you’re buying art from a real artist. Right?

For more than 20 years as a professional artist, I have helped make my customers home and office walls look amazing.

Customers find confidence in my original paintings because invested in every painting for sale is more than 175,000 hours of professional creative experience and expertise.

Here’s a little about my story in my short 2 minute video introduction.

I have a diverse creative background, which adds richness and interesting layers of life experience into the texture and character of each painting.

Described as ‘the most beautiful gallery in Australia,’ many art lovers, both Australian and International, have visited the Convent Gallery in Daylesford and bought an original Simon Brushfield painting.

My paintings have been exhibited and sold across Australia and Asia also collected by private and corporate clients in both Europe and America.

Painting sale by Simon Brushfield at The Convent Gallery Exhibition

‘Customers feel confident when buying a painting from Simon because it’s obvious they’re dealing with a real artist’

BEWARE: there are many fake artists wanting your money

Author Michael Berry featured my paintings in the coffee table art book titled “Selected Contemporary Artists of Australia” describing my original art as being ‘poetic, enigmatic and dreamlike’.

Painting sale by Simon Brushfield Art Book

Your home or office environment must be inviting, right?

You don’t want to walk into your space and expose visitors to ‘visual awkwardness’.

You want to feel the supreme pleasure of peaceful beauty and balance. That’s important, because you spend a lot of time at home or in the office.

Your space needs to look just perfect with the right original painting in place

Over the past 20 years, I’ve helped many customers feel confident purchasing original art and I’d love to help you too.

Risk Free - Hand Drawn Red

My long term customers don’t want to take a risk with an amateur artist. Of all the paintings that I’ve sold over the years, this is what my customers really value.

Confidence in buying art and spending money wisely.

My guarantee is that you will get the right painting for the right price and the right tailored advice (if needed) for your circumstances. From a humble professional who’s been in the creative industry for more than 20 years.

My paintings and I have been featured locally in Australia and internationally in newspaper articles, magazines, journals and even wine labels.

Because it’s important for you to have a beautiful original painting hanging on your wall, that adds value to your environment…

Here’s my offer:

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WHAT DO I GET FOR MY MONEY? You will receive a high quality, conceptual semi-abstract painting that will be guaranteed to command attention on your wall.

It will give you endless pleasure

Visitors will be impressed and you will be delighted

Perfect Gift painting by Simon Brushfield

‘Perfect Gift’ by Simon Brushfield (2010) Charcoal, Oil & Acrylic on paper 19cm x 21cm Unframed $450

But that’s not all…

Here’s what you can expect when buying an original painting created by Simon Brushfield…

  • a painting created with much love and careful attention to detail
  • a painting perfectly suited to your personality and home
  • step by step feedback and interaction during the artistic process
  • guidance in choosing the right style of frame for the painting (if needed)
  • advice on how and where to hang the painting for maximum impact
  • peace of mind that your purchased artwork is a good investment, as my paintings have increased in price considerably over the years.
  • confidence that friends and visitors will respond positively towards your new acquisition as all my customers enjoy such comments
  • long term satisfaction and visual pleasure, filling your home or office with soul.

Here’s what some of my customers say about their original paintings…

“Simon’s abstract paintings are beautifully executed works of art. While some are calm and restful, others, like the two that I own, are complex and sultry and immediately command one’s attention, emotionally and visually. I derive endless pleasure from these works”. ~ Dr. Annette, Australian Art Collector, Melbourne

“I was delighted to obtain some of Simon`s exceptional art for the Xavier College art collection. His refreshing and challenging style has been well appreciated by the youth of the college.” ~ Chris McCabe, ex-Principal of Xavier College Melbourne, Australia

“Simon Brushfield has for a number of years been my favourite artist. Recently he has done several specific works for me and to say his work was excellent is an understatement. On each occasion I have been absolutely blown away…well done Simon and thank you.” ~ Denis Tucker, Tasmania Tennis Museum, Australia

Customers find my contemporary paintings curiously interesting, even fascinating

In fact, book publishers have approached me for my paintings to be featured on inside pages and the cover of popular books like below.

Painting sale Releasing the Angel Book Publication cover by Simon Brushfield

At exhibitions some people gaze into my paintings for 30 minutes or more, absorbing the intricate details and textural qualities of the artwork. The way paint settles onto the canvas intrigues the eye. There is a mystery captured in every work and the use of mixed media and vibrant colour captures the viewer.

One of my customers states my paintings “command attention” and give her “endless pleasure”

Modern contemporary artwork adds something special to a space. So when a visitor comes to the door he says, “Ohhh, wow that look’s sooo interesting!”

People love the variation of subject matter in my art. As this customer expresses in the video below.

Video Testimonial


When purchasing a painting for sale it’s always important to know what you get for your money. When you purchase an original piece of art from Simon Brushfield you can be rest assured to receive the following…

  • Reasonable market driven price
  • Reliable Investment opportunity
  • 100% Money back guarantee


You also want to know that you’re dealing with a reputable artist who is committed to the profession

  • More than 20 years experience
  • International exhibitions and publications
  • Private and Corporate Acquisitions


Abstract art can be difficult to evaluate. Simon will help you make the right decision so that when you make a purchase from this painting sale, you’ll know it’s perfect for just what you need

        • Conceptual Painting of the artists hands.
        • Advice on correct hanging for maximum visual impact
        • Framed or Unframed. It’s up to you. 100% Money Back Guarantee - Hand Drawn Maroon
Perfect Gift painting by Simon Brushfield

‘Perfect Gift’ by Simon Brushfield (2010) Charcoal, Oil & Acrylic on paper 19cm x 21cm Unframed $450

Ohhh, I love that piece and I want it for my wall…

Well, just fill in your contact details below mentioning this painting sale and we can begin the delivery process.

Customer Testimonial

But how can I be sure my purchase is a wise investment?

My first commission was an original painting to go in an old fashioned toilet. The painting is still loved very much today by its owners, who bought the artwork for $250 back in 1989.

But when I first started selling my paintings in a professional gallery, my paintings sold surprisingly quickly. The initial retail price was $1500. That was in the year 2000. A few years later my paintings were selling for $3,000. Then $6,000 up until today, my large paintings are valued at $10,000 AUD each.

If the past is any indication, when you buy an original Simon Brushfield painting it will be guaranteed to increase in value in the years to come.

This one time offer provides exceptional value. But it won’t remain this low forever. OFFER ENDS SOON. So Get in early for maximum value for your art investment.

Many others have wisely purchased an original Simon Brushfield painting and have experienced many years of visual pleasure. All the while watching their contemporary original painting increase in value.

My paintings are now hanging in beautiful architecturally designed homes as well as special old traditional homes as you will see in the following video.

Learn how this wise businessman purchased his painting in 1989 for $250. His painting is now valued at $3800AUD

Customer Testimonial

Ok Simon, I definitely want that painting for my wall…What should I do now?

To discuss your specific delivery details in confidence, please contact me using the form below and we can begin the process of installing your original painting that is guaranteed to look fabulous hanging on your wall. Total Satisfaction. No Risk. 100% money back guarantee!

But what if I discover that I don’t like the painting, once it’s hanging on my wall?

Firstly, this has never happened to any of my customers. In all humility, I have not once had a customer who disliked a picture that I had painted for them. But if, in the highly unlikely situation, you dislike my painting once it is hanging on your wall, I will gladly give your money back and arrange for the painting to be returned via courier.

At no cost to you.

It’s my desire to make sure you are fully satisfied once your painting is hanging on your wall. I have many private and corporate customers fully satisfied with their purchases, bringing much visual enjoyment to a wide variety of private and corporate art lovers.

Watch the video below for another testimonial from a high Australian educational organisation who purchased some abstract pieces in Melbourne during a painting sale.

Video Testimonial


Thankfully, I haven’t had a disappointed customer yet. I believe you will love one of my original paintings hanging on your wall.

And visitors will be suitably impressed too.

Remember, there’s no risk to you. 100% money back guarantee. It is my passionate desire to make you totally satisfied once the artwork is hanging on your wall.

If you’re not satisfied, I’ll gladly give the money back or make refinements until you are completely happy with your investment

Purchase a piece of contemporary art from this painting sale NOW, whilst prices remain reasonable

Fill in your details below and we can start creating together.


If you’re considering a corporate acquisition for your office but you’re not quite sure if this abstract painting is the right choice, there are many other options, just contact me using the form below and we can discuss together some possible ideas.

Our discussion regarding your requirements is on a no-obligation basis – and of course, I will treat all our conversations as strictly confidential. Look forward to hearing from you. Please fill in the form below to make your acquisition from this painting sale.