Pablo Picasso: How to commission original art like Picasso

Pablo Picasso was a brilliant artist for his time.

He created artwork that continues to grow in popularity, well after his death.

One of his most famous pieces of original art is titled ‘ ’.

The painting was based upon a real life event, from photographs taken amidst a devastating war scene. Later in Picasso’s studio, here’s what happened…

Pablo Picasso added his unique artistic perspective to history and immortalized the event.

It’s now remembered forever as an iconic painting in the History of Modern Art.

Picasso Guernica Pablo Picasso: How to commission original art like Picasso

Guernica ‘ (1937) Pablo Picasso. Oil on canvas Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid 349 cm × 776 cm

About Picasso’s Guernica painting…

Pablo Picasso created this piece following the bombing of a small quiet innocent town in 1937.

The attack took place during the Spanish Civil war, involving both German and Italian warplanes, above the city of Guernica . Picasso meant to represent the suffering and pain caused by war.

Innocent civilians were butchered and terrified, unable to escape the rain of horror from above.

Guernica is one of Picasso’s most famous pieces of original art, currently housed in Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid Spain. An estimated eleven thousand people come daily to visit the painting. Even though Guernica is currently one of Picasso’s more recognizable pieces, it hasn’t always been popular.

In 1938 the controversial ‘Guernica’ was stolen by activists and nailed to the wall of a public showroom.

Pablo Picasso attempted to comprehend in visual terms, the Spanish people’s sense of loss as their city, friends, and family were all destroyed by the bombings.

This important piece of art speaks to the Spanish people portraying powerful emotions of identity, loss and grief, resulting from the tragedy of war.

Commissioning Your Own Piece of Original Art

When collecting contemporary paintings, art dealers are finding that contemporary art is growing more popular as a wise investment. Picasso painted Guernica using photographs from eyewitness accounts.

Similarly, the original abstract painting below was created using a similar creative process.

‘Dopey’ by Simon Brushfield Acrylic & Oil on Canvas 21cm x 29cm (Unframed)

By commissioning your piece of original art from your own photographs, you will be able to get the look you want from an experienced artist who has been painting for more than 20 years.

When buying original art from Simon Brushfield , you want to create a piece of original art that appeals to you, but also sends the right message.

Purchasing a Picasso painting might be a little beyond your budget.

However, commissioning a piece of contemporary art by Simon Brushfield will give you an original painting guaranteed to increase in value . Original art makes a wonderfully unique gift for loved ones too.

Your choice of topic probably won’t be the Spanish civil war, like Picasso’s Guernica painting, but you might have important events or people that you would like to commemorate.

glenynis maria portrait painting by simon brushfield Pablo Picasso: How to commission original art like Picasso

‘Great Aunt Glen’ portrait by Simon Brushfield (2006) Oil and acrylic on canvas 60cm x 80cm (Private Acquisition)

When thinking about collecting investment art from a high quality artist like Simon Brushfield , you will find your investment increasing in value over time.

Commissioning a piece of original art gives you a unique show piece for your wall that impresses visitors and will be a joy to live with, in your home or office .

Do you have any thoughts about Guernica , this important painting by Pablo Picasso?

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  1. A couple of weeks ago I went to Madrid and visited the Reina Sofia Museum. Is quite funny as a Spaniard, it was the first time I had the oportunity to see the Gernika. It was quite interesting the explanation on how Picasso started the work. This is a big piece and it didn’t look that cubist at the beginning.

    If you ever go to Madrid, I strongly recommend visiting the Reina Sofia Museum. Besides Gernika, there are always good exhibitions. This summer they’ve got an awsome Salvador Dali exhibition. Worth to visit it!
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