About Simon Brushfield

His vibrant colours produce emotive and imaginative works of art , Brushfield presents an illusion of other worldliness extending beyond the physical reality of the canvas, harmoniously exploring the beauty of the collective soul.’ [Tina Banitska, The Convent Gallery ]

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Simon Bushfield’s art dives deeply into the truth, exploring what it means to be human.

It is these deep, abstract , yet accessible revelations of truth layered upon the canvas, one brush stoke at a time that connect people so powerfully to Brushfield’s work.

“Refreshing to see some nice Aussie art from Simon. Takes me back to special childhood memories” Darren Rowse, Problogger , Melbourne Australia

There is something alluring, honest, and beautiful even in the most abstract pieces of Simon’s work that draws you in and occasionally takes your breath away.

Simon’s Work

Here are five stunning examples of Simon’s work…

About The Artist

It’s not surprising that Simon Brushfield’s life reflects the wild untamed beauty of his art. From a garage in Dee Why Sydney, to a kitchen table in Mosman, to various Aussie backyards, to wine cellars and an old traditional slave’s quarters from centuries ago, Simon’s art studio is simply where-ever his “passion” takes him.

Simon Brushfield painting demonstration outdoor studio About Simon Brushfield

Simon Brushfield creating art on the floor during a painting demonstration at Grand Indonesia.

“Simon has been on a twenty year quest to find and share beauty. His paintings are birthed in love and represent an appreciation of Australia, but deserve a worldwide audience.” - , Author of The $100 Start-Up , Portland USA

Simon Brushfield artist interview with TVONE Indonesia About Simon Brushfield

Simon Brushfield being interviewed about his art by TVONE a mainstream television station in South East Asia

‘Poetic, enigmatic and dreamlike’ commenting that ‘order is teased out of visual chaos by the artist ’s need to accept and embrace his inner world of intuitive feeling’. [Michael Berry, Selected Contemporary Artists of Australia, 2003].

Artist Statement From Simon

I love exploring the abstract visual landscape not knowing what might appear. I love colour and interesting shapes, intermingled with suggestive ideas that potentially trigger the viewer’s imagination for something personal in their life.

I use many layering techniques to hopefully produce an attractive image, creating a surface that provides textural interest. Predominantly using acrylic mediums as a base, and built up with layers of oils and varnish, my artwork sometimes incorporates mixed media, such as grass, sticks, Australian gum nuts and even plastics to create texture, visual suggestion and a sense of identity.

Normally, my artwork takes many weeks to finish. As there are long reflective moments devoted to thoughtful gestation, viewing the artwork against the backdrop of my life. This is to ensure the work flows naturally into its surroundings. If the piece is a commission, I take a considerable amount of time understanding the intentions of the buyer and any surrounding social influences.

Commissioning Simon

Simply click on his commissions page and begin the creative process.