A Special Limited Edition Australian Series of Original Paintings

Of course, I want to make a healthy living selling my original paintings

Doesn’t everyone want to be paid well for doing what they love?

Each of my paintings are unique

And ‘one-of-a-kind’

‘Ripsnorter’ – Special Limited Edition Series by Simon Brushfield (2013) Charcoal, Oil and Acrylic on Paper 19m x 21m unframed

Therefore, their original character and my broad creative experience, means I can ask a high price for each individual piece

However, here’s my dilemma…

I want my artwork to be accessible to all people

Especially those who genuinely love art , but may not be able to afford an expensive original painting

It was because of my desire to sell paintings at more affordable prices that I began offering smaller limited edition hand painted artworks at lower prices

I love the fact that my artwork is an intimate part of so many people’s lives already around the world. But I desire more people to enjoy my paintings, everyday on their walls

And as the value of my art continues to rise, I want a new generation of collectors, who may have never bought an original painting before, to be able to own and enjoy an original Brushfield artwork

To this end, I’ve created a hand-painted series of limited edition original paintings, titled ‘The Australian Editions’ they’re based upon special phrases common to Aussies

Following many years living in Asia, and upon returning to my homeland Australia, it became apparent we use the English language so uniquely that foreigners often struggle to understand what our slang phrases actually mean

So, each phrase became the title of an original painting, an abstract artistic image that symbolises Australia’s originality and unique character

The special limited edition series includes Aussie phrases such as…

“You betcha”
“Fair Dinkum”
“Gday Mate”
“Have a Captain Cook”
“Dog’s breakfast”

The honourable Prime Minister Mr Tony Abbot once said, “Australians have won the lottery of life”. And having been born in this country, I wanted to express my love for Australia with a special limited edition offer

These original works have nostalgic origins, sub conscious paintings that celebrate the informal and authentic spirit of Australia

‘FairDinkum’ – Special Limited Edition Series by Simon Brushfield (2013) Charcoal, Oil and Acrylic on Paper 19m x 21m unframed

‘The Australian Editions’ are an interesting and unique set of paintings created as a special series, each hand-painted in native colours and textures found organically in my home country

The mediums used were acrylic, linseed oil and charcoal on recycled paper reused from Australian popular culture

The size of each painting is approximately 21cm x 10cm and for my mailing list subscribers, they receive a special price, plus postage and handling where applicable (with flat packaging to ensure it arrives in perfect condition)

I am now available to take orders for ‘The Australian Edition Series’. Once payment is received, the artwork will be dispatched to collectors immediately

Thanks for your support and I look forward to our long lasting friendship

All the best


© Copyright Simon Brushfield – A Special Limited Edition Australian Series of Original Paintings
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Simon Brushfield is an artist whose work has been described as ‘poetic, enigmatic and dreamlike’ (Michael Berry, "Selected Contemporary Artists of Australia" book). His paintings have been exhibited and sold across Australia and internationally. If you enjoyed this post, sign up to Simons VIP list and have posts sent directly to your inbox.

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