What a 4 year old superhero can teach us about life

I love the summer holidays in Australia

Time to catch up with my little nieces and nephews

And discover what’s been happening in their life

To learn valuable lessons from them

Watching them grow up physically

And mentally

It’s great

‘Fresh Tropical Fruit Juice’ by Simon Brushfield (2013) Acrylic & Oil on paper 21cm x 23cm Unframed $450

Together we go on amazing journeys together. Spending hours of quality time exploring the mind. All we need is a couple of basic props, a little encouragement , and the amazing imagination of a child

“Simon do you wanna play with me?”

My four-year-old nephew asked with contagious excitement

“Love to” I replied

The next few hours in the backyard was a highlight of my holidays, and my young nephew was totally enthralled

Without a shade of doubt, we became superheros

One moment we were fighting water aliens. The next we were seeking refuge in the ‘safe house’ preparing to fight the enemy, discussing our next battle strategy

But here’s the really cool thing…

The ‘safe house’ wasn’t a $500 DIY retail cubby house from Ikea

Ours was much better

It existed in the mind

In a child’s imagination there are no limits

The situation was so real in my partners imagination

It meant life and death

As my nephew explained the terrifying situation confronting us, his eyes were wide open thrilled with excitement, eyebrows raised in awe for the challenge ahead

The ‘safe house’ was simply two boogie boards on the backyard.

But it was a comforting refuge for fearless freedom fighters, you see, superheros regularly return to the ‘safe house’ to receive more power, and this was done by sticking ones little finger where the hand strap connects to the boogie board

Oh, and of course, I was given a nickname

It alluded to the prestige of our imaginary game for superheros

Therefore, our names had to be…

‘Golden Crystal’

The logic made total sense to a 4 year old, so I went along with it

Of course, the superhero is always victorious in battle, and Golden Crystal was no exception

So for the rest of the day, after the game finished, we referred to each other with our proper superhero names

“Want a drink Golden Crystal?”

And at dinner time…

“Pass me the sauce Golden Crystal”

Then watching television on the couch…

“Can I sit next to you Golden Crystal?”

Together, we were superheros for a day

But not your usual mainstream superheros. Not the variety found in comic strips, or at the movies in tights and a cape. This was a special variety of superhero

Entirely original

With unique special powers, used to defeat the enemy

Complimented by a superbly imaginative never ending sub plot

Pablo Picasso once said, “Every child is an artist . The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

A four-year-olds imagination is wild

It’s wonderful to spend time with someone whos creativity is flourishing

Uninhibited by rational thought

No limits or restrictions

And zero logic

Very inspiring

An incredibly engaging storyline was created from a few very basic props

The superheros travelled into space on a rocket (a chair and a towel)

Jumped off high cliffs (from the small balcony)

Conquered the water aliens (in the backyard)

Flew in helicopters (with a paddle)

Slayed dragons (with a paddle)

And got saved by baby Jesus on a boogie board

When exhaustion arrived we repowered energy from the ultimate life source (a boogie board)

Whoa…what a day!

The amazing life of Golden Crystal

A true superhero

Here’s the important lesson I learnt from my wildly creative adventure. Grown ups often forget this, but it’s essential for all ages…

The importance of play

To let go

And relax

Cut loose

And have some imaginary fun

Go wherever you’re taken

Just step in for the ride of your life, and see what happens

Enjoy the surprising unpredictability and raw power of a childlike imagination

Just amazing

Imagination is for all people to enjoy

For those not afraid to enjoy the irrational

At any age, we can become engrossed by a healthy fantasy

Where nothing makes sense

And anything could happen

It’s incredibly exciting

And pure

A real journey for the innocent at heart

Step into another world

Be like Picasso

And nurture the child within

Because here’s the amazing truth…

Some people may never tell you this, but I want you to consider this reality…

Right now, to someone in your life, from their perspective, you’re a superhero to them

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