Australian Academy Group Exhibition featuring ‘Happy Couple’ and ‘Lighthouse’ abstract paintings

Clement Meadmore Gallery at the Academy in Melbourne, Australia

I’m currrently showing some work in a group exhibition at the Australian Academy of Design in Melbourne Australia. This painting below is called “Happy Couple” and it’s about lovers integrating their unique and sometimes fractured personalities successfully together.

Happy Couple painting Australian Academy of Design

‘Happy Couple’ by Simon Brushfield Oil & Acrylic on canvas 90cm x 90cm painting exhibited at the Australian Academy of Design group exhibition

Another piece of my artwork on show in a group exhibition at the Australian Academy in Melbourne Australia. I love lighthouses. They shine light in the dark and help people navigate. At the bottom of the painting, is the lighthouse keepers site residence where, in days gone by, he would permanently live.

Aireys Inlet Lighthouse painting_Australian Academy of Design

‘Aireys Inlet Lighthouse’ by Simon Brushfield Charcoal, Oil & Acrylic on canvas 90cm x 60cm exhibited at the Australian Academy of Design group exhibition

CSGallery Melbourne Solo Exhibition by Simon Brushfield: Selected Contemporary Australian Art

CSGallery in Caroline Springs holding Simon Brushfield’s June 2012 art exhibition

I am currently showing my latest abstract artwork on paper and canvas at CS Gallery in Melbourne. The title of the exhibition is ‘Selected Contemporary Australian Art’ and works in the show feature inspiration from my recent travels around the world. I have just returned after 4 years abroad exhibiting, teaching and selling my fine art.

Simon Brushfield’s artwork titled ‘Patience’ acrylic on paper 60cm x 80cm

The local community website “Carloine Springs online” write about the show…

“Residents interested in vibrant and imaginative mixed-media paintings are encouraged to visit CS Gallery, Caroline Springs, to explore an exciting contemporary art exhibition by renowned artist, Simon Brushfield, from 1 – 30 June 2012.” To read comments from the Mayor,

Simon Brushfield’s artwork on exhibition (red painting in the foreground) titled ‘Australia’ acrylic on canvas 1m x 1m

CS Gallery newspaper article about Selected Contemporary Australian Art exhibition in Melbourne

‘Dusk on the River’ by Simon Brushfield (2010) Acrylic on board 90cm x 70cm (Sold: Private Acquisition)

'Ocean Moonscape' by Simon Brushfield. Acrylic on Paper 50cm x 30cm Sold

‘The Bridge’ by Simon Brushfield (2009) Acrylic and pencil on board. 80cm x 30cm (Sold: Private Acquisition)

‘Red Wine’ by Simon Brushfield (2009) Oil & Acrylic on Canvas 1.8m x 1.4m (Sold – Private Acquisition)

Australian abstract artist Simon Brushfield has enjoyed a successful relationship with one of Australia’s most beautiful galleries The Convent Gallery in Daylesford. The above piece is one  example of many, in a series of ‘Red Wine’ paintings, sold to local Australian and International art lovers. The large scale original painting compliments a modern home or office and highlights the special qualities and rich character of drinking Red Wine.

If you are interested in commissioning Simon Brushfield for a private or corporate acquisition, please contact the artist directly, in the form below, for your original ‘Red Wine’ painting on canvas.

Enquiry Form

What is 3 + 4?

'The Peninsula' by Simon Brushfield (2009) oil & acrylic on canvas, 2m x 1.8m (Sold. Private Collection)

I was commissioned by leading Victorian plastic surgeon Dr Peter who wanted to hang a large original painting produced by myself, in his newly built and impressive contemporary Australian home. After a considerable collaborative process and viewings by the customer, during the developmental stages of the painting, approval was granted and the painting was completed in 2010.

'Spirit' by Simon Brushfield (2003) Acrylic & Oil on board. 80cm x 60cm Sold

'Aireys Lighthouse' by Simon Brushfield (2004) Acrylic, Oil & Charcoal on canvas. 100cm x 80cm

‘Boyfriend’ (2003) by Simon Brushfield. Acrylic on canvas. Approx 2m x 1.5m (Sold: Private Acquisition)

‘Girlfriend’ (2003) by Simon Brushfield. Acrylic on canvas. Approx 2m x 1.5m (Sold: Private Acquisition)

Romantic art exhibited at the Convent Gallery, Daylesford. Simon Brushfield’s original abstract romantic art was a popular feature making visitors smile with love in their heart.


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