Romantic Art: Original Art Wine label – First Edition Sold Out

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Romantic art has the potential to touch hearts and allow the imagination to wander.

Especially, after a few glasses of quality Australian red wine .

Following a sell out edition of the first original art wine label series created by Australian artist Simon Brushfield and produced by Denis Tucker, we are now into production of a second label.

This post will give frequent updates on the creative process of a romantic art wine label inspired by tennis in the Victorian era .

The second edition wine label will incorporate visual elements of the social aspect of tennis in the late 1800′s early 1900′s.

Below are some preliminary rough drawings establishing the foundations for an original painting which will then be printed onto Australian wine labels.

Preliminary drawing on canvas with alterations including the customary chaperone (right corner) during the Victorian Era. Top right space, in the distance, will be another couple politely courting each other.

Third stage preliminary drawing establishing the balance and perspective of the paintings foundational elements

Time to add a thin layer of water colour to create a foundational colour for the piece. This will provide a base to work upon and build texture into the painting to create an old world appeal in a modern context.

Simon Brushfield painting whilst laying on the floor totally relaxed – his favourite position to work.

The Reason for Tennis painting with a water colour foundation beginning to appear.

During a briefing with Denis (the customer) he requested an old world charm to the painting. This is symbolised in the characters, but also the colours. What is important to set the right tone of the painting, is the mahogany wooden background behind the couple on the left. This beautiful colour is extended into other areas of the piece, adding to the old world charm.

The deep wood mahogany tones are still a little messy and need improvement. At this stage the right colours are in place, but further refinements will take place over time.

The painting is still unframed on canvas and will be delivered to the customer unframed. But I wanted to look at the piece in a frame from a similar period in time, to give a suggestion of the style of presentation on the wall.

Following a request from the customer, the background behind the main couple was changed. It was requested to make the mahogany wall stand out more in the painting. This photograph shows the improvement in close up detail.

© Copyright Simon Brushfield – Romantic Art: Original art wine label

Simon Brushfield painting in his favourite position on the floor creating texture with a rag – work in progress