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Enhance your company culture with original art by Simon Brushfield

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When you display fine art on your company premises, you make a statement about your company values and culture.

It’s a subtle but effective way to demonstrate that your business is about more than just the bottom line, and that you truly value the human qualities of your employees, clients and partners.

A single piece of art can transform the look and feel of a space – whether an open area such as a reception or atrium, or a more intimate venue such as a boardroom or seminar room.

The right artwork will lift the spirits of everyone who enters the space, and help to create an atmosphere conducive to doing great work.

Chosen wisely, original paintings can also be a worthwhile financial investment, which is another reason so many successful organizations maintain a corporate art collection.

If you prefer not to own a piece of art outright, or if your needs are more short-term (e.g. changing the look of a venue for an event, or a property for sale) then rental agreements are available for corporate clients. These allow you to change the look of your environment quickly, easily and without a large budget.

Depending upon laws in your country of operation, renting a piece of art could also be written off as a tax deduction, making it a cost-effective way to decorate a space.

If your company is looking to purchase or rent fine art, you may want to consider my work.

My clients often tell me that my work makes a difference to the entire space in which it hangs, not just the area occupied by the canvas. The prices of my paintings have increased over the years and I am confident they will continue to climb.

I will be happy to advise you about selecting or commissioning artwork to fit the particular requirements of your corporate site(s).

I am very particular about taking time and care to ensure I provide you with work that is in keeping with your venue and company culture.

To discuss your requirements in confidence , please contact me using the form below.

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If you wish to purchase a piece of art and would like to discuss your requirements in confidence, please contact me using the form below.