“Art is a lie that makes us realize truth.”  - Pablo Picasso

I love searching for the truth in every circumstance of life. We are foreigners on this earth and this has led me through a nomadic journey where my art and family have been the only two mainstays in my life.

My art studios have been many including a garage in Dee Why Sydney, a kitchen table in Mosman, various Aussie backyards, a dusty old wine cellar (in the movie above) and an old traditional slave’s quarters from centuries ago. The transient nature of my life since leaving home for boarding school around age 14 has impacted my art profoundly.

Although I have painted numerous realistic portraits and completed commissioned landscapes, my work is predominantly abstract. I haven’t made any conscious decision about this, it just seems to happen that I think in abstract terms.

In the 2003 hardback coffee table art book the author states my images are,

‘poetic, enigmatic and dreamlike’ commenting that ‘order is teased out of visual chaos by the artist’s need to accept and embrace his inner world of intuitive feeling’. [Michael Berry, Selected Contemporary Artists of Australia, 2003].

But, I particularly like abstract art because its uncontrollable, people don’t quite understand it fully and that challenges the logic of our society. Art is other worldly and very personal.

Described as the most beautiful art gallery in Australia, the owner of the award winning Convent Gallery states,

‘his vibrant colours produce emotive and imaginative works of art, Brushfield presents an illusion of other worldliness extending beyond the physical reality of the canvas, harmoniously exploring the beauty of the collective soul.’ [Tina Banitska, Owner of The Convent Gallery,Victoria Australia]

My results are always different and I love exploring the abstract visual landscape not knowing what might appear. I love colour and interesting shapes, intermingled with suggestive ideas that potentially trigger the viewer’s imagination for something personal in their life.

I use many layering techniques to hopefully produce an attractive image, creating a surface that provides textural interest. Predominantly using acrylic mediums as a base, and built up with layers of oils and varnish, my artwork sometimes incorporates mixed media, such as grass, sticks, Australian gum nuts and even plastics to create texture, visual suggestion and a sense of identity.

Normally, my artwork takes many weeks to finish. As there are long reflective moments devoted to thoughtful gestation, viewing the artwork against the backdrop of my life. This is to ensure the work flows naturally into its surroundings. If the piece is a commission, I take a considerable amount of time understanding the intentions of the buyer and any surrounding social influences.

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