Have a big dream for the future? You must read this…

Having a dream for life is extremely important

In fact, dreams are essential

We should feed our dreams everyday

However, many people stop dreaming at a certain age

Probably believing they’re too old?

Or maybe because they work too hard

They become busy at home

Or consumed with their careers

But beware

Dreams are what life is made of

dream Lifesaver flags painting by Simon Brushfield Have a big dream for the future? You must read this…

‘Lifesaver’ by Simon Brushfield (2008) Acrylic and oil on board 60cm x 40cm (Private Acquisition)

I want to share with you a startling fact

Here’s the most common regret people say on their deathbed…

Point 1. “I made a living, but I never really lived”

So sad

Make sure you don’t have that same regret at the end of your life

Time is precious

Live life to the fullest right now

And to do that, here’s what you need…

A personal dream for the future

I want you to think about a dream you might have right now


Something you feel really passionate about…

If you’re following a dream, here’s my desire for you, in this article

I want to help you

Please understand this…

Point 2. Despite what most people think, being a dreamer is not easy

It’s tough

Very challenging

It’s not easy living with big dreams

Actually, it’s hard work

Having a dream that you’re serious about, can cause many problems

Those living close to you will be affected too

They may not be happy automatically enrolled in your dreams

But these are healthy problems to deal with

Particularly, if it’s a big dream, you need to be ready for trouble in the future

So count the cost before you start

And listen up

Here’s 12 reasons why your dream is so incredibly important…

1. Our dreams create the future
2. They give us guidance in life
3. And personal power
4. Providing meaning and purpose
5. Dreams build personal integrity
6. They also give us control
7. Channeling our efforts
8. Providing freedom of choice
9. And teaching commitment
10. They help us set important goals
11. And decide what we really want
12. Dreams help us value what is most important

So when you hit the bumpy road ahead, you’re going to be ready

The following words will hopefully prepare you

But firstly, here’s what you must do…

Point 3. Commit 100% to your dream and however long it takes to fulfil

Be willing to face all obstacles on the road to living your perfect life

This is what I’ve experienced

And it might happen to you too…

People will love you

Others will hate you

You’ll feel the thrill of excitement

And a rush of adrenalin

Plus, the agony of defeat

Some nights will be lonely


And depressing

Other times you’ll feel totally inspired

You’ll be physically elated

And then exhausted

Emotionally drained

Confusion will overwhelm you

And your sanity will be tested

Enemies will walk over you

And spread hate

Your opponents will attempt to ruin your reputation

People will deceive you

And laugh at you

You’ll feel embarrassed

And ashamed

For days, months, maybe even years, you’ll have zero money

And zero support

Some days you’ll want to give up because the pressure is too much


dream moon painting by Simon Brushfield Have a big dream for the future? You must read this…

‘Moonlight’ by Simon Brushfield (2010) Acrylic and oil on board 90cm x 60cm (Sold: private acquisition)

But don’t let those difficulties stop you

Because your dreams are designed to stretch you

Here’s the truth…

Point 4. Problems help us grow

They test our strength

And illuminate our weakness

We discover our limitations and learn to live within certain boundaries that strangely enough, give us freedom. Boundaries that don’t restrict, but rather help us grow

Your best life is just around the corner

So hold on tight

For the ride of your life

And watch your dreams come true

This is me…

I’ve been a dreamer all my life

Dreaming comes naturally

And I enjoy it

At night I dream a lot of crazy stuff, some dreams I understand, other dreams I have no idea of the meaning

I’m also big daydreamer

In my quest to becoming a successful artist , I’ve encountered what seems like an unending list of obstacles

However, I’m still alive and moving forward

Some call me vague, complaining I’m away with the fairies

And I agree, I’m often absent minded


But also forgetful

Being an artist, I spend much time in my imagination

Which is fun

Therefore, it’s taken me a long time to get where I am today

Yet many dreams still remain unfulfilled

However, it’s important to remind myself, I’m definitely much closer to my goals than when I first started out

So I continue

Getting a little bit better

A little bit stronger

And a little bit wiser


Some days I only have enough energy to take tiny steps and keep the momentum going

Other days I take large steps

But I’m confident my dreams will arrive

However, I need to remain patient

They’ll happen at their appointed time

In the most perfect way

But here’s the best thing about dreaming big

Point 5. It’s exciting, who knows what might happen next?

Our dreams inspire other people too

When others see your dream taking shape they think…

“Hey, maybe my dreams could come true too?”

Inspiration is contagious

But here’s a strange truth I’ve discovered…

Many people don’t even bother to dream…its all too hard for them

However, a genuine dreamer inspires other dreamers

To imagine great things

Like Martin Luther Kings ‘I have a dream speech’ when he called for an end to racism in the USA

Dreams are important

They help us to understand that our current reality is not set in stone

Dreams help people believe in the impossible

So people, all around the world, get to work believing things are possible, because one person, Martin Luther King spoke out, and dared to dream big

Like dropping a pebble into a pond

Our dreams create ripples that effect people’s lives

Dreams are very powerful

They live long after we leave this planet

When you pursue a personal dream, over time, this is what you’ll probably notice in yourself and the people around you…

Hope grows

And love flourishes

When I was younger, I used to make things happen by sheer will and determination. Especially, if someone told me I couldn’t do something, then I wanted to prove to myself that I could. But it was exhausting and that wasn’t the way I wanted to live

So now I’ve decided to relax

I’ve learnt to not work so ridiculously hard

But go with the flow

Let things happen naturally

Knowing that when all things are in place, I will receive more than I could ever imagine

But it takes one essential ingredient

Dreams are made of this stuff…


So what is faith?

Faith is being absolutely sure that what you hope for will come to pass

I know I’ll still encounter problems along the way, but I’ll deal with them calmly and confidently

No person or obstacle can steal or destroy the purpose I’ve been given on earth

So I follow Winston Churchill’s stern advice…

“Never Give Up”

Here’s a wild thought…

I’m told my destiny has been known since the beginning of time


The Bible says in Ecclesiastes 6:10…

“Everything has already been decided. It was known long ago what each person would be. So there’s no use arguing with God about your destiny.”


What a relief

I’m not to blame for this crazy life

And these wild dreams

I think about this scripture all the time

Room painting by Simon Brushfield Have a big dream for the future? You must read this…

A beautiful modern home in Brighton Melbourne featuring an abstract painting created by Simon Brushfield. The home owner bought the painting first and then designed the rooms colour scheme second to compliment the artwork

But here’s what keeps me going when things get really difficult…

Point 6. Paying attention to personally significant signposts along the way

Everyone receives signposts

But not everyone pays attention to the little things in life that might mean something

I mean anything

• Maybe a rabbit running on the road

• Or a beautiful sunset during winter

• A brief phrase that you overheard in a conversation

• Or someone coming into your life at the perfect time


Signposts are essential

And here’s why…

Final Point. Signposts carry intimate special meanings for each individual

They give people hope for the future

Many years ago, this is what happened to me…a perfect signpost, appropriate for that moment of my life

It was personally given to me by a famous Australian artist

His name was Pro Hart

At the time, we were both artists in the same group exhibition and together we participated in a marketing event for our Sydney gallery

So I took the opportunity and asked the famous celebrity artist for advice

I was a young painter at the beginning of my career, and Pro Hart was an old artist at the end of his career

The advice he gave me included only three words

But the phrase stuck with me ever since

Pro said in a gentle Australian accent…

“Trust in God”

I was surprised

His clarity cut right through my confusion

Thankful for the simplicity of the message, I walked away satisfied, and it has kept me going through the many ups and downs of my art career

Maybe reading this article was a signpost you needed?

Have these words helped encourage you with your dream, or given reassurance you’re on the right path?

Please leave a comment below

I’d love to hear your thoughts

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  1. Nice post Simon, I enjoy reading your style of writing. It’s kinda like poetry but has an underlying message. haha Keep up the good work :) (From a fellow writer, albeit I’m a new one )

  2. Hi Simon, your writing speaks to me. i really love reading from you. It is good to read from those artist who knows how difficult it is to dream dreams.

  3. Ok Simon,
    You did it to me.
    The sign post.
    Perfect timing.
    Time for me to kick it in gear.
    Get off my duff.
    To start selling and promoting.
    To start believing in ECC. 6:10 and step out on the water.

    You may think, “Nobody is reading my posts.”
    Marketing gurus suggest that if one person comments about your post, there are 20 more who think the same way, even if they do not respond to you.

    Keep up the good work Simon.
    You are indeed doing God’s work, and doing it well.

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