Erin Ashley: How my kids arts and crafts program got me into painting

Today I have a treat for you

I want to introduce to you Erin Ashley, who is definitely my most favourite contemporary artist online

“She is an internationally renowned artist who has lived in NY, Los Angeles and Florida for most of her life. A self trained painter she gets her inspiration from things most often over looked. She loves the beauty of how mother nature ages things in a beautiful way, like chipped paint on an old weathered building, rusted metals, train cars etc.” – The Collective 57

Erin has kindly agreed to give up some of her time and give readers a behind the scenes sneak peek of her lifestyle and creative thinking that produces such amazingly beautiful abstract paintings

So here’s Erin Ashley with Simon Brushfield to talk about her artwork…

Simon… Thanks Erin for taking time out to answer a few questions, lets dive straight in to my first question…Do you have a story behind when and why you began to paint seriously, or have you always been a painter?
Erin…I have always been a creative person even when I was a child but never thought I would end up being a painter. Painting started for me just 6 years ago out of the blue – one day messing around with my kids arts n crafts I painted a simple flower and it woke up something inside of me that I was always searching for. The next day I purchased my first canvas and some paints and started teaching myself how to paint – I was hooked! Have not put down the brushes since.

Simon… Can you please take us through the routine stuff you do in an average day for Erin?
Erin… Average day for me is waking up at 6am getting my kids ready for school and driving them to school. After, I go to a very hot heated yoga studio where I practice power yoga for an hour then walk my goldendoodle (Toby). when I am finished I finally can begin work! I do about an hour or so of answering emails, working on my websites, phone calls etc.. after all is done there I go to my studio and work for 3 – 4 hours.

Simon…Your abstract style is beautiful and you obviously love colour, how do you approach an idea for a painting. Do you have a certain process you always follow?
Erin…Painting has to come to me…something has to spark an idea or emotion in me, or I just waste time and paint. I seem to get inspired by things many people would over look. I can be driving down a road and see a old dirty rusty garbage truck and I instantly see so much beauty in it that I can’t wait to get in my studio and create it! Inspiration is everywhere.

Simon…Who are your favorite artists that inspire you most?
Erin…Artist that inspire me are the ones that aren’t afraid to be different , not looking at what everyone else is painting but just really looking inside themselves and letting it all go freely… there is no right or wrong when you create just be you!

Simon…It seems you sell many paintings online. Can you share what your experiences have been selling through traditional galleries compared to online?
Erin…Selling on line has been very good, it also reaches so many people and great connections to future jobs. I also show in galleries and that also can be very good and great connections too. It really depends on what you want to achieve as an artist – my experience has been good with both, but if I had to choose it would be selling on line.

Erin is a shining star in the online abstract art world and her work is featured on many sites including Pinterest [] Etsy [] and Shopify []. She can also be contacted for private or public commissions through her website:

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