A Response to Modernist Painting by Clement Greenberg Essay

Published: 2021-07-28 09:45:07
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Greenberg insiders the philosopher Kant to be the first real Modernist by being the first person to be known to do this. Modernism grew out of the criticism of the Enlightenment however it is not the same thing. Criticism in the Enlightenment was done from the outside in the traditional sense; Modernism uses the procedures themselves to criticize from the inside. Although Modernist painting came after the enlightenment and seemed to break all the rules from the past, it was not a break for the past it was simply the next step in arts continuation.
Through self-criticism Modernist’s goal was to eliminate any effect that was arrowed from the medium they were working with and any other art. Modernist painters wanted their art to be considered as “pure” from any Other form or principle. To do this factors that were previously regarded as undesirable were now having attention brought to them and regarded as positive effects such as the flatness of the surfaces, the shape of the support and properties of the pigment.
Flatness was the major factor of pictorial art because it was the only element not shared with any other art form such as sculpture, theater, etc, Other elements that varied were the shape and frame of the picture, the paint texture ND finish and the color contrast and value. In “Post-painterly Abstraction” Greenberg starts by defining words to help us understand what Abstract Expressionism is. Painterly is the first word meaning the blurred, broken, loose definition to color and contour.
The opposite to painterly is linear meaning clear, unbroken and sharp definition, Informed of these definitions we can better notice the continuities and differences in the art of the present as well as the past, Abstract Expressionism is both abstract and painterly. Abstract art became something that was known as neatly drawn and smoothly minted works of art with clean outlines and flat clear colors. Its painterly beginnings were being almost completely overshadowed by the flatness aspect of the style.
When Abstract Expressionism emerged people were startled by the flurry of strokes, blotches and trickles of paint in which all order, form and discipline seemed to be disregarded. Abstract Expressionism is a certain style of art that has gone through its ups and downs and produced art Of major importance. The style turned into a school, then a manner and finally a set of mannerisms. The most noticeable of these mannerisms was the “Tenth Street Touch”. The ‘Tenth Street Touch” was the stroke left when a loaded brush or knife frays out and merges into streaks, ripples and specks of paint by which creating different variations of light and dark.
Soon however the set of mannerisms became reduced as thousands of artists attempted to recreate this style. A reaction came about to the standardization of this style. The reaction moved toward linear clarity and physical openness of design. To these qualities the new paintings owe a sense of freshness that became a new trend in Abstract Painting. This new trend also included high keying as well as lucidity to their color. Many them stress contrasts of pure hue and tend to avoid thick paint and tactile effects, Most of the art also has a geometrical regularity.
This trend however is exactly that and does not constitute a school or fashion. On the other side of the reaction, pop Art has taken over the tame of Abstract Expressionism. Modernist painting opened the door for the freedom of the many art styles to follow. Before Modernism no one questioned the styles or mannerisms in the past and it was considered good if they tired to copy that style and were constrained to its boundaries of color hero, simulation of three-dimensional space and subject matter.
Modernism allowed artist to make art that was controversial in subject matter and sometimes only made sense to the artist. Being different was a good thing in Modernism and it allowed for the creativity and expansion for art to evolve. The article about abstract expressionism really showed how art is always changing and evolving by taking pieces Of the past With them bolt still progressing forward. It shows what it takes for some art styles to become a fashion and how some are only ever a trend and that with all fashions something new will always come to replace it.

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