A Tale of Two CitiesCharacter Development Essay

Published: 2021-07-31 19:30:08
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Topic: In a Tale of Two Cities, none of Dickens characters show any development atall during the time span of the novel. Do you agree? Discuss with reference to at least two characters. This statement cannot be totally agreed or disagreed with, as there is a substantial argument for both sides. * Lucie Manette does not develop at all. Her kind, compassionate and submissive ways, remain constant.
Her strong selfless, and caring personality is not influenced by other characters or events. * Charles Darnay is another character who does not develop. He remains a kind man. * Madame Defarge is always seen as a woman with evil and revengeful ideas, right up until her death. * Dr. Manette develops greatly throughout the time span of the novel.
He is recalled to life (page 41), from his dead, shoe-making period in his life. Although he relapses into his shoe-making mode, when he is reminded of these days, he eventually overcomes it. He starts a new life with his daughter. * Sydney Carton develops significantly in the novel.
He is firstly presented as an alcoholic slob, who doesnt really care about life and is considered to be of a moody nature (page 179). His drinking and pessimistic ways begin to diminish, after her tells Lucie of his love for her. He becomes a kind man, who even sacrifices his life for Charles Darnay, so that Lucie may be happy.Bibliography:

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