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Published: 2021-07-17 03:45:06
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I woke to the alarming ring of the telephone. It was raining outside. The waterformed on my windows as tear drops; it was if the sky was crying. The voice on the other line of the telephone was aquiver.
” Tracy?” ” Yeah?” ” Danielle is sick. ” Danielle was my confidant from childhood. When she committed suicide, it mademe think that something had to be done to interrupt these empty soles from feeling sodetached. This is when my interests in psychology were born. Psychological disorders were not new to me.
I had dealt with an eating disorder ofmy own my freshman year in high school; subsequently, a close friend had a similarproblem. After going through therapy, I had thought that I would really be able to helppeople with similar problems. High school was an opportunity to strengthen my future; throughout it I hadstrived to evenly distribute my time between academics, activities, a job and my future. Inclass I got involved in discussions and had very disciplined work habits. I was in an honorclass to help challenge myself. I was a member of the Wheeling High School honorsociety and received a student of the quarter award twice.
One of my poems was enteredinto a state competition, and it won first place. Also, I was a teacher’s aid for a wholesemester. Getting involved in school activities was very important to me. I was involvedin the school’s band which allowed me to travel to Florida and march through DisneyWorld’s Magic Kingdom; Also, I was one of the few selected to participate in the statessolo/ensemble competition. As a freshman, I was on the sophomore volleyball team .
Iwas captain of the Track and Field team and got to participate in two events at the IHSAstate track meet. As a member of the cheerleading squad I found myself promoting schoolspirit. I worked in retail at my town’s local cosmetic store. Not only did this job helpme to earn money to pay for my college education, but it opened my eyes to more aspectsof life.
It taught me how to deal with a variety of people and developed my interpersonalskills, which is a positive quality to have in my hopeful career. Every Sunday morning Iwent to a nursing home in my town to do volunteer work. I did a student internship for18 weeks and also was a member of the medical club at school. These both helpedprepare me for my future. College is my future; it’s a great chance to grow, change and expand myknowledge.
I’m looking for a challenging environment with those qualities. I know thatthe University of Wisconsin-Madison is highly qualified to help me attain my goals andaspirations. Personally, I think the most interesting thing about me is that I seek good in allhumanity. I feel this is essential in the field of psychology because we can’t judgeeveryone. No one really knows anyone except for themselves.
People cannot bediagnosed or cured from an illness unless we can be taught of who they truly are. I have great hopes of being a future psychologist. Please take great considerationinto accepting me to your university.Words/ Pages : 595 / 24

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