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ARSON FACTS1. Arson kills 100 people, injures 2,500 and costs the UK economy 1. 3 billion everyyear, according to “A Compendium of Arson in the UK”, published today by theAssociation of British Insurers (ABI).
2. Key information in this new collection of arson research and statistics includes:3. In the UK, around 45% of all fires attended by the fire brigade are as a result ofarson. 4. Between 1987 and 1998, the number of arson attacks more than doubled, increasingfrom 37,400 to 88,300.
This contrasts with falling numbers of accidental fires – downfrom 128,200 in 1987 to 110,700 in 1998. 5. Around a fifth of arson attacks are on homes, killing up to 70 people each year, andinjuring 2,000. These fires cause around 55 million worth of damage each year.
6. Arson attacks on motor vehicles account for around half of all malicious fires in theUK, causing 20 deaths and injuring up to 80 people every year. The financial cost isaround 77 million each year. 7. Schools are also a key target, with around three-quarters of school fires caused byarson. Deliberately-started school fires cost over 40 million a year.
8. Commenting on the Compendium, Tony Baker, ABI’s Deputy Director General, andChief Executive of the Arson Prevention Bureau, said:9. “This publication gathers together, for the first time, key statistics andresearch findings on the massive problem of arson in the UK. The cost- especially the human cost – is shocking, and I hope that, by publicisingthe extent and size of the problem, we can help to encourage improvedprevention of arson and detection of arsonists.”

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