Art Painting Movements Essay

Published: 2021-07-28 10:15:04
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Many women who were drawn or used in a piece of art are naked, this is a sign that women in that time did not live in a life of luxury. In this era mature Rococo style was used, An example tot Rococo style is François Voucher’s The Toilet of Venus, which a painting is commissioned by Madame De Pompadour. Madame De pompadour was Louis Was mistress. Impressionism This era of art surfaced in the late sass’s. Claude Monet began to use rich, thick brushstrokes with two or more pigments used on one single wide brush. This technique brought a whole new look into the art world.
Monet also used intense hues in his art, which made his work even more extravagant. Monet had more than one clever and beautiful painting, one of these brilliant works was Garden at Sainteddressed. This piece Of art shows affluent domesticity, but also shows war and battles between two countries, represented by the two flags Abstract Expressionism This was an American art movement after World War II. In this era New York City became the center of the art world. William De Cooking was a great artist during this time. Cooking was an American, but was born in the Netherlands.
The Glazier was one of his paintings that were finished in 1940. The Glazier had a ghostly, foggy, elusive quality. Parts of the body seem to just fade away into thin air, but the painting as a whole comes together to be a historic masterpiece. Abstract Expressionism was a very important era in art where different shapes, images, vibrant colors, broken lines, and new techniques were used. All three eras and the artists that marked those eras are all very important in art as a uphold.

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