Beowulf and 13th warrior Essay

Published: 2021-07-20 02:50:05
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The 13th Warrior: Leadership of the ErasIn the film The 13th Warrior, a 1999 film strong leadership is evident. In both stories the strongest person will do anything to help the people. The 13th Warrior and the epic poem Beowulf have many similarities and differences. The leadership of Buliwyf compares to Beowulf’s leadership in the epic poem. When in the tunnel after attacking the Wendol’s Buliwyf was hurt but he still went with the rest of the men. Grendel’s mother hurt Beowulf but he still got the strength to cut off her head and kill her.
Buliwyf was sick and very pale from being hurt fighting the Wendol’s and shouldn’t have came out to help the town fight when the Wendol’s attacked again and he came out and fought them. He ended up dying watching the Wendol’s run away and then vanish. Beowulf was trying to kill the dragon to save the town and got help from Wiglaf and Beowulf ended up being killed by the dragon. There are also differences in The 13th Warrior and in Beowulf. The way that Grendel looked is a lot different then what the Wendol’s looked like.
Grendel was a giant, and the Wendol’s were men that were dressed up like bears. There were thirteen men brought in The 13th Warrior and in Beowulf there were fourteen men brought. Grendel’s layer was in the nasty marsh. The Wendol’s layer was in the top of the mountain, over the water.
The setting took place in different times and places. Beowulf took place in 700-750 AD. The 13th Warrior took place in 922 AD. The film The 13th Warrior shows strong leadership evident. The movie and the epic poem showed leadership to their countries. Buliwyf and Beowulf both show great leadership in many ways by risking their lives.

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