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Published: 2021-07-13 09:00:05
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Do you have any idea what happens every December than can leave any one of us in a life or death situation? We have a severe blood shortage every holiday season. The gift of blood is like the gift of life. The National Blood Data Resource Center states that during the holidays demands for blood are at a critically high levels due to donations declining and holiday accidents increasing.
Nearly all blood used for transfusions in the United States is drawn from volunteer donors. Less than five percent of healthy Americans that are eligible to donate actually give blood. What is holding us back? Why arent we giving? Are we afraid of needles? I dont think so. How many of us have some form of body piercing? The procedure may be a little different but the pain is the same. Is it the fear of the sight of blood? Some of the most popular movies are filled with blood and gore. Nothing holds any of us back from watching them.
Our biggest fear is the fear of the unknown. Giving blood is a simple procedure. It is a matter of answering a series of questions to determine that your blood is safe for you to give. Next you lay down on a table to have your vital signs taken and a needle is inserted in your forearm.
It takes about thirty minutes for blood to flow from your veins to a collection bag. After this procedure you are rewarded with cookies and juice. It is as simple as that. I challenge each of you to go out and find out about what a difference you can make by saving a life. Sources:1.National Blood Data Resource Center2.American Red Cross3.New York Blood Center

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