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Published: 2021-07-14 12:10:07
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The joy of the word “booty” Who likes booty? I like booty, and I think we should all like booty. Whether it is pirate’s treasure or the beautiful behind of a woman, booty is a fantastic possession. I come from the lower class section of Ft. Lauderdale and in that area the booty is most often linked to the description of the African-American woman’s posterior. I have always used the word booty, but recently I was told that it was a “black” term. I was shocked to hear this, and when I inquired as to why it was a “black” term, I was told that I shouldn’t use words like that because they make me sound foolish. I do not always use the word booty but in some circumstances it is very necessary to use it. In my opinion it adds emphasis in the description of the size and beauty of the butt. What could possibly be wrong with using a word that is supposedly a word from a different heritage? We use words like “sheik” and “entree” all the time. I believe that there are no “black or “white” words, some words just happen to be used more by certain races. We should not be limited to certain words just because we are of a particular race. I firmly believe that whether a person is black or white they should know the true meaning of booty and should know why many people are in love with the ever powerful booty. The word booty as defined in the New Dictionary of American Slang, is “esp. black, the female body as a sex object; the sex act; ASS.” Where I come from, booty is a word that is used to describe an extravagant behind. From what I have learned and seen, booty describes the size, the thickness, and the luster of one of my favorite body parts: the butt. The word booty is so descriptive that when someone uses it is understood quickly and usually without discussion. I usually do not hear people describe white women or any other type of women other than African-American, for that matter, to have booties. Whether this means that they do not possess the qualities to have their posterior described as a booty, I do not know. I do know however, that I have seen women of various nationalities that have what I would consider perfect booties. Usually when men discuss booties they are seeing it as a sex object which is something that makes women want to have a voluptuous booty. Having plastic surgery on women’s butts is becoming an everyday occurrence. Women (in most cases) would like to attract men. In some cases women become envious of other women with bigger and more developed rears. I have personally witnessed women argue over who had a nicer butt. There has also been a case in the MTV series “The Real World” where Tammy discussed how much she wanted a “ghetto booty.” She had actually gone to the extreme instance of getting a fake pillow-type booty to wear underneath her own clothes. The booty is such a popular topic in American culture that there are dozens of song that talk about the beauty of the booty. There is a R&B song titled “Bootycall” (sung by Blackstreet) that talks about when women call men’s houses for sex. They say that the men reply with a request for some booty. Another song titled “Tootsie Roll” (69 Boyz) was very specific on what they looked for in women. They said that they wanted women to please them and wanted the women to let them have “a piece of that booty.” The most popular of all songs that pertain to booty is the controversial song “Baby Got Back.” (Sir-Mix-Alot). Sir-Mix-Alot says, “I like big butts and I cannot lie, and another brother can’t deny, that when a round thing gets in your face you get sprung.” This shows that women and men alike are willing to exploit their posterior enough to reap its profits. The word booty is often a misunderstood word. It has been called a “black” word, a “white” word and various other things. Not only is booty

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