Business Environmental Laws And Ethics Essay

Published: 2021-08-02 22:05:10
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How do you feel when you drive by some sort of factory or plant and you see an obnoxiously large smoke stack spewing fumes into the air or a drainage pipe of chemical runoff that flows into a water supply? The sense of disgust from the thought of how these companies get away with this action not only concur with opinion of environment activists but also involves the United States government. It was not long ago that the government realized that these effects were harmful to the world around us, which caused the government to create several groups to enforce laws and regulations against these unethical operating businesses. These questions are similar to those frequently asked by many economists when discussing the subject of business environmental laws and ethics. A business must decide how they want to run their business, unethically by cutting corners or abiding by ethical and law standards. This issue comes down to the standpoint wherever businesses may fall on if they care more about using unethical ways to gain some sort of advantage or if they would rather operate in a way with limits but complies with ethical and law standards.
(MODIFY THESIS) The United States government has generally had a hands off approach regarding business environmental corporate ethics. Up until the year 1970, the government rarely accounted for the amount of pollution and the effect it had on the American population. This year, 1970, the movement enacted the largest Environmental Protection Agency otherwise known as EPA. The Environmental Protection Agency has several branches across the United States to help enforce and institute laws and regulations, regarding the government (EPA). The reason “EPA” was established was to police these code infract. .
ausing to their surroundings by instituting such bad business practices are directly connect to the main source of pollution and disease. The number of cases of these pollution influenced diseases are growing. The disease range from birth defects to various types of cancers. Contrary to the idea that companies should be able to operate as they please and avoid all regulations that prevent the destruction of the environment, I believe and agree with the group of people on the opposing stance. Just like many others I believe that all companies should not only operate up to regulation standards but also operate in an ethical way. An ethical way to act for these companies is to consider the effects each form of operation has on the environment.
I believe that the right course of action will, in the long run only benefit the organization and the environment as a whole.

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