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Published: 2021-07-16 15:55:06
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The video I reviewed was a National Geographic film called Mysteries Underground. This video was about extraordinary sites there are to see in underground caves. You traveledalong with cave explorers and got to see all the beautiful untouched natural formations such asgypsum chandeliers, gnarled calcite columns, and jewel-like lakes. It showed and talked about allthe careful proceders the cave explorers go through. It also talked about how the formationswere made over such a long time. I learned many interesting things that would never seem possible.
In the worlds newmost exotic ,Lechuguilla, cave there lied water so clean and clear that the cave explorers wereforced to take all there clothes off before they swam acrossed it because the littlest dirt from anyclothing would contaminate the pureness of the water. All the cave explorers are very cautious asto what they touch or where they step because some of the crystal formations are so fragile thatthe slightest vibration from a voice or a footstep could ruin millions of years of forming. In someparts of caves there are giant and very smooth ice formations that must be slid down verycarefully because if they are not taken cautiously you will pick up to much speed while sliding andfinally hit some kind of stone wall or something. One lady was not careful enough and boy didshe pay.
She was only a mile and a half or so in the cave and she broke her leg. It took almostfive days to get who to the surface of the cave where she could be attended to. Also I found outthat caves were much larger then I had originally thought. The largest cave now, MammothCave, is over 200 miles long.
And if you are exploring a cave being miles and miles from theentrance it is very important that you be careful because if you break your leg that far from theentrance it would probably take months to get you out safely. One safety precaution I learnedwas that when the explorers are traveling through cold water they must make sure they dont gettheir upperbody wet because that will cause them to freeze and get many sicknesses that arecaused by the cold. One thing that I found interesting was that with the technology today youwould think that we would have all the caves discovered and explored. We arent close at all. Infact some caves have been being explored for years and there is still no end in sight. That justgoes to show that there is still much more to learn and discover.
I would recommend this video to anyone who is fascinated by the amazing things mothernature can create. This one hour video will give you a lifetime of information. It reminds youthat anything is possible and to keep an open mind. You would enjoy this video because it is mostof the very rare film footage ever made on some of the amazing formations. Since no other filmsor shows are out there like this one, everything they say and show you is new, so you learn agreat amount. Friedberg, L (Producer), & Friedberg, L (Director).
(1992). National Geographic Video:Mysteries Underground Videotape. (Available from National Geographic Society).Category: Music and Movies

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