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Published: 2021-07-18 05:00:06
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There are many people who believe that celebrities only think about themselves and that they aren’t concerned with anyone else’s problems.
To me a Hero is some one that you can look to and who inspirers you to be a better person. A celebrity is someone who gets paid a lot of money to pretend to be a hero. There are many problems that face America today such as hunger, poverty and most importantly War. Contrary to popular belief there are several celebrities who are concerned and that donate millions of dollars to charities and there are some who run their own charities. They include multimillionaire Bill Gates, talk-show host Rosie O’Donnell and Louis Armstrong.
“Bill Gates- created charity donates million to fight hepatitis”, is the headline of Hepatitis Weekly magazine. Multimillionaire Bill Gates donated 37. 5 million dollars to help treat Hepatitis B in China, where two-thirds of the population is infected with this lethal disease. The money will be used in buying vaccines to immunize newborn children in poor areas. Approximately 400,000 people in China die from liver Cancer and other ailments caused by the disease (Bill 1).
Talk show host Rosie O’Donnell gets 1,000 dollars donated to her charity for every time a guest on her show gives her a kiss. The money is donated from Listerine Mouthwash; they ended up contributing 500,000 dollars to her All For Kids foundation. 200 computers and 50,000 dollars were donated to the Toys for Tots foundation from the chief executive officer of Leap Frog, which is a company that produces computerized toys that teach children math, science and spelling. After September 11, she donated 1 million dollars to the American Red Cross, another million to a fund that benefits the families of firefighters who were killed in the tragedy (Domenica 3).
His late wife founded the Louis Armstrong Foundation in 1969. The program is designed to help with fostering programs, workshops and lectures on music history. It also helps in funding and supports the Louis Armstrong schools in Queens for musical education, jazz workshops and the school libraries (Louis 3). In conclusion, although there are some celebrities who are selfish and don’t care about others, there are some who do. The ones that do, give as much as the can to help others make their lives better. They start fundraisers, donate money and in some cases auction of their personal goods and the money they get go so several different charities.
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