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Published: 2021-08-01 19:40:08
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Mauston Wis.- A 17-year-old girl testified Thursday that her parents repeatedly made her wear an electric shock collar used to train dogs and how it hurt when it was activated to its highest setting. Her mother used it the most to get her to clean faster or if she didnt like what I was doing, Nicole Dobratz testified in Juneau County Circuit Court, She would keep zapping me until the batter needs to be rearranged, the teenager said. I would say 10 or 20 times. I was usually crying and fell to the ground.
She would keep pressing the button or tell me to get up. It made me feel pretty bad (Imrie). From this article, one can see that this is morally wrong and not natural to say to anyone. The sad thing is, is that this is not the worst of many incidents occurring. There is little being done about it. Even though Nicole was older than the average age for abuse, she is still not considered an adult, therefore, having the rights to have a voice for herself.
This is an exact form of abuse and only one of the most common types of abuse toward children. The known forms of Child Abuse Essay are sexual, physical, emotional, mental abuse, or even neglect. Now, some children do not know what is wrong from right and do not know that they have a voice. In this case, how do they know if it is right to tell or not to tell about their abuse? They do not know and need the help from others to find their voice. Helping these children will not just gain them more benefits for their future life, but it will do one well knowing the fact that a difference was made for a life time. More action needs to be taken toward a common problem that the unspeakable have to live through.
Most respect this issue and try to do something about it. Much can be done about it, but even more could be done if it was noticed by all and understood by all of society. Education is the key to informing people about this issue and ways to be as a supportive as possible. The only way to give those innocent and respectable children their voices are to speak for them. One would have to protect a child or even make a difference in a childs life for them to be thankful. People know what child abuse is and should be more educated on child abuse than in the past, because then the society would be aware of the symptoms and the affects, more child cases would be recognized, and the abused child could get the potential support needed for the sake of its lives.
If more education was given, the society as a whole would be well taught about the symptoms and affects of child abuse. It is true that the society had not been able to recognize or understand the actions and affects of abuse toward a child. This is a problem because without being able to recognize something, how is it to be reported? Research has proven that only recently did this subject bring awareness to others. Although centuries of novels and autobiographies have dealt with the subject of child abuse in all its forms, society has been slow in recognizing the frequency with which this assault is committed. Only in the last twenty years has there been any real progress in this respect, (Miller, A.).
From this statement, one can see that the education was not provided and not much information was given to the society, therefore, they would not be able to know what they could do about it or know what the exact symptoms or affects are. More should be done to educate people about how to recognize what is not appropriate to do to a child and what is appropriate. If this happened, then more should be said about the safety of a child or many children by having a close eye on them, knowing who the child feels comfortable around, and talking to the child as much as possible to be able to realize .

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