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Published: 2021-08-01 23:30:08
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Video ReflectionPlayv Importancev Indoors Playv Levels of Play v Social Skillsv Intellectual Playq Importance:Growing up my mother encouraged her four children to play hard. We were allowed the space to work off or steam by playing dirty in the mud. Or being allowed to jump into a pile of leaves. Her basic motivates and comments to us were always; that the clothing could be washed, we could take a bath but enjoy be a child.
In the video “Play”, it is discussed as a way for children to be allowed to let go of their emotions. In chapter 15, Enhancing Creativity, Play is described a crucial stage in the development of the child. It allows the child to develop their sensor motor skills. q Indoor PlayWhen a child plays indoor, they are in the process of developing a greater since of their physical skills. They can learn hand eye coordination; also, problems solving skills will be enhanced. In chapter 15, Enhancing Creativity, it is important for the children have the ability and space to gain a deeper understand of who they are how they can function indoors.
q Levels of PlayTo watch a child play is to watch a world being created before your eyes. Children have the ability to experience freedom and love at its best. Yet, even the nature has laws and different levels of interaction. There are different forms of play associated with how children will interact. Functional play is when children can explore using sense’s to figure out what they can do. Constructive play is used by children of all ages.
In chapter 15, Enhancing Creativity, the different levels of play allow the child to develop a sense of there own personality. q Social SkillsAs children learn how to play and interact with each other, they learn social skills. They learn how to cooperate with each other, in order to accomplish what they need. Play allows them the ability to release a lot of so cial tension. In chapter 15, Enhancing Creativity, learned social skills are important in the development of the child. These are the first steps that the child will need to take to eventually take their place in the society.
q Intellectual PlayMy toy of choice when I was a child was a Lego toy. They are tiny block pieces that a person has to put together. In being born the “girl” in the family, those Lego’s that I had were borrowed from my brothers. I spent hours trying to develop my own home and pieces together what a yard would look like.
In chapter 15, Enhancing Creativity, Intellectual Play is important because it will challenge the child’s mind to seek after the things that are tough and attempt surmount them. .

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