Who Is To Blame In The Crucible Essay

Published: 2021-07-20 05:45:07
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In the play “The Crucible,” Millers picture, of the Salem witch hunts of 1692 may fitly be examined as a work of dramatic art, as a product of the author, and as a social document. A major character that enabled the dramatic art to come into play is John Proctor himself who was a leading character and Arthur Miller built up to the big scenes seen throughout the play where the characters are made to be seen as more appealing. The characterization shown with John Proctor was not only detailed but an essential part of the play. Without Proctor having a part through the play, it would have been dull and boring. John Proctor was hardheaded, strong and skeptical.
The Tenacity of his beloved wife Elizabeth is, “nevertheless made to weaken, to confess to a lie in order to give a more theatrical effect to his final resolve to proclaim, and to die for, the truth. ” On the other hand, “Proctor will lie privately, but he refuses to sign so that his lie can be made public. ” John felt if others knew of his lies he would have a bad name. He always wanted to have a good name.
When in court John was questioned as to whether he was having or not having an affair with Abigail. The questions were directed toward John’s wife Elizabeth. Proctor had made certain to the judge that Elizabeth could not and certainly would not lie. Sure enough, when Elizabeth was questioned she ended up lying to try to save her husbands reputation from being ruined, Meanwhile she had no idea what John had previously stated and how this wouldbring on the deterioration of his character.
This is where irony took its part, with Elizabeth testifying that John certainly is not a lecher but, “John previously admitted Abigail was his eager whore. ” This twist gave a dramatic effect toward The power shown in the big scene with the maid who had withdrawn from the accusation made toward her for witchcraft certainly made the tension grow and as Shipley said, “The climatic growth of tension here is excellently managed. ” I agree with what Shipley says because with this occurring as the play is taking place, it enables the reader to be in suspense right up until the end. “To some people this play may not be a creation of dramatic art, rather a concoction of the author’s contriving mind. ” I disagree with this because I feel as though this is a dramatic form of art because many elements were shown which make something dramatic such as the accusations and the trial in itself. Before the judges, Abigail and her friends claim that they can feel the presence of the devil like a rushing, mighty wind, which is magnificently dramatic and It is safe to say the Arthur Miller’s play was based on troublous times, and because certain elements of the society look at the theater as “a weapon in the class war,” the play can bee seen from many different views.
A person could read this play and get a lot out of it without knowing much about it when they began. The first act was confusing and yet the last act opening was intended to provide an emotional rest, there was no sense really being made. However in the end looking back on the play as a whole, something does come out of it and to each person it is something different although definitely worthwhile. Bibliography:

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