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Published: 2021-07-29 23:40:05
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Can Art be defined? An artist can create anything and put their mark on it and deem it as art. I believe art to be a sculpture, painting, or any piece of creative work that brings enjoyment to the artist and an from the beholder. Art allows you to view the world through someone else’s eyes and obtain their perspective on the subject at hand. Art is everywhere around us. It is expressed in many forms and fashions. From railroad car graffiti, a formal piece in a museum, a one of a kind piece of jewelry or designer fashion clothing, it is all forms of art. Art can bring out an array of feelings in people.
Some pieces of art depict happiness or focus on beauty, which would in turn bring out joyous feelings. Art can also display images or subject lines that are not as pleasant to entertain at times which can allow us to be compelled to a feeling of sadness. Art can be a therapeutic way to deal with emotions. Autistic children and people dealing with tragedies can often express themselves and deal with emotions through art. I really enjoy painting old furniture and giving it a new look, a new life. It tends to remind me that all things in life can be restored and made beautiful again with some work and determination.
No matter what the circumstances or situation it can always be made into something beautiful. Art seems to always tell a story even though words are never spoken. My concept of art is paintings, sculptures, drawings, or anything that is created or transformed at the hands of the artist. I personally tend to enjoy paintings that are of landscapes and nature. I always seem to navigate to the paintings, especially oil, that remind me of times during my childhood. Paintings of a countryside with a barn and rolling hills or a grandfather fishing with a child on the banks of a pond, takes me back to a “happy place” in my life.
I truly then feel like I am understanding what the artist is meaning to depict. Marsh Farm by Darko Topalski is a simple but impressive painting to me as it reminds me of a farmhouse that used to sit on a hill across the field from my childhood home. I find colors to be influential in bringing out emotions when observing a piece of art. I enjoy art that has warm, muted colors as a feel that give that feeling of serenity. I think paintings with warm or vibrant colors tend to depict a much happier and content scene.
The content is much more important to me than the formal qualities. Once again, I like the feeling of being able to connect with the artist and feel like he actually painted the picture looking through my eyes. I think for some people the formal qualities would be more important. That’s the beauty of art, everyone has their own perception of the same piece. Art in my opinion is anything that we view and receive enjoyment. It also compels us to appreciate the talent of the artist. Art brings out emotions as we interpret the story and statement the artist is trying to convey.

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