Defining Art Through Tattoos and Piercings Essay

Published: 2021-07-30 00:10:07
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Art can be defined as a way of expressing personal feelings and experiences visually and society has different forms of interactions that are full of nature’s experiences, belief, values and attitudes. These among others have a great impact on people in different forms. People respond differently to natures experiences, through interactions.
Beginning ancient times, there are predefined ways of life from different society settings. These societies have developed to where they are now based on these traditions, which forms the basic principles of earning a living. According to Lazzari, (89) art revolves around an innovating and creative way in which an idea or feeling is designed in form of an image to display that feeling or idea. These artistic representations originate from basic illustrations such as figures made of lines which have been distorted to different directions and angles. These illustrations of different forms are further brought together in a creative manner.
There are combinations of different colors and themes. An art has special background styles and fill in effects that are meant to capture the attention of the viewer and loudly display the idea, feeling. Different styles are used to create or modify a regular artwork to come up with an existing drawing that is nice to look at and experience or humorous. There is the use of features that almost bear clear resemblance with a normal cultural experience or practice in daily life. For instance, when one is meditating, they do it in a cool environment as this is part of traditional beliefs of some communities, the artwork, therefore should be able to capture the mood of such an event (Lazzari, 89). With regard to the quality and class of the artwork, it should have a certain order and well balanced.
The color combinations should be friendly to each other. The aspect of RGB color features to be used accurately to come up with the best ever appearance in line with the concept being illustrated. With processing created for these images, they are manipulated in different ways there are times when they are shown as dots, horizontally or vertically. Addition features of these processions include direction of flow and a roaming aspect with a certain outline that are in line with the theme of the artwork, be it religious, political and technology among others (Lazzari, 126)In a regular artwork, there is use of predefined pages that have common features that have to be embedded in all artworks. This saves the artist time of recreating these tasks that are done on every artwork before more creative features are added.
This makes the work of the artist more easier giving them time to come up with a more creative artwork (Hand and Middleditch, 147). In regular artwork there is use of editing programs such as illustrator, in design and CorelDraw among others. These programs have tools that make the designing easier and enjoyable. The toolbox contains all the defined tools with each tool programmed to create a certain effect on the illustration (Hand and Middleditch, 147).
The artwork is further enhanced with combinations of texture effects and patterns. These are further modified with special fill color effects and themes that bring out the concept of the artwork. The way the artwork is postioned has an impact on how the the viewer will judge it. In normal human life the laws make people to live according to some laid down principles to social justice.
The same thing applies to artwork. The way its postioned reflects a lot on the artists message. Tattoos and piercing are forms of body artwork that involves permanent or temporary marks on the body with a special tool. These practices t find their orgin from spirituality and traditions.
Cultural and traditional practices of the west advocate for change of bad behavior through painful acts. When undergoes these acts, their spirit is cleansed and they are able to connect to some unseen power of the spirit. Anguish cleanses a person’s soul (John, 165). Since thousands of years ago, cultures, traditions, beliefs and attitudes have been carefully guarded for generations and generations. These are meant to guide people on the best ways to lead lives and succeed. The tattoos and piercing come in different forms, shapes and image.
With each model it shows that the person appreciates that belief or power. This will therefore have a positive impact in life based on the past experiences (John, 165). According to (John, 139), society is changing. Todays world view tattoos and piercing as symbols of identity. This can be seen from different perspectives.
For instance a lot of famous people such as footballer players, musicians and politicians among others have special tattoos and piercing on their body parts. This portrays them as trendy classy people that are to be emulated. There is a lot of admiration for these personalities. They act as mentors that guide millions of people especially the youth who want to be like them. The founders of nature also identify with these marks.
This brings a sense or feeling of identity and with certain form of tattoo or piercing this creates a connection between the person and the belief. The associated belief is meant to change the society or life of the person for better. John, (165) describes the events surrounding tattoos and piercing. Traditions, beliefs, cultures and values of a people are well guarded and defined by in these practices. There have been there for generations and generations and are meant to guide society for better lives. (Hand and Middleditch, 213) views these practices as a form of cleansing that prepares people for leadership and dominance.
Certain tattoos are associated with certain types of people who for instance, will become leaders in different areas. The basic principles of leadership are that one has to have the qualities of a leader. These qualities begin with pain and suffering that would connect them to the spirit of the realm. This prepares them to inspire, guide and lead people in the right way. Tattoos and piercing have an impact with way of interacting with people. People with tattoos are viewed as progressive, strong, fearless and modern.
Other people may view them as outlawed members of the society who engage in bad practices. For instance, some inmates have formed special groups in prison and for one to identify themselves the have certain tattoos on specific parts of bodies (Jason, 36). Tattoos and piercing also have great meaning on a person’s career in the sense that some jobs prohibit any form of body marks. This is to enhance a high sense of discipline among its employees. There is also a case of work ethics, professionalism and character evaluation. Some tattoos are connected to certain negative behaviors that employers dislike.
Tattoos and piercing are also seen as forms of employment. Several careers are made from these practices. There are special courses that train people to engage in tattooing in order to create jobs for millions of youth who are jobless. Tin these trainings several measures have to be put in place to ensure that they are safely practiced and those who do it have enough skills and experience of the job.
Many families earn daily bread from these practices. In comparing the regular artworks to tattoos and piercing, the basic concept of belief, culture, values and traditions are common in both. Regular artworks do not have direct impact on the body or health of a individual. Where as the tattoos and piercing directly affect the person’s body.
They undergo pain and suffering in order to experience the spirit. In regular artwork, the spiritual world in experienced through observation and visual effects.
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