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Published: 2021-08-02 11:40:07
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Wow, Mrs. Nettie thats a great dress youre wearing today,said Merilee as she walked through the cafeteria towards the restroom. Not ten minuets later Sarah walked past the office wearinga dress almost identical to Mrs.
Netties, only to be stopped bythe principal Mr. Meth. Sarah was forced to change, because herdress was not following the school dress policy, Mrs. Nettie didnot have to change. This story illustrates just one of NicholasCounty High Schools dress code rules.
Nicholas County HighSchool demands too much asking students to abide by theirunreasonable dress code. The school needs to take a closer lookat what they are demanding. If the school decides to have adress code everyone should be forced to abide by the code,The dress code is followed by all students but it would seemmore fair and efficient if teachers would abide by the dress codealso. Teachers should set an example of how students shoulddress.
Because students look up to teachers, and respect theiractions. If teachers break the rules then students feel they haveAs fashion changes students at Nicholas County High Schooltend to keep up with the new styles. For instance, athleticsandals are very in right now, and many students find them verycomfortable and stylish. But unfortunately, during the 2000-2001school year many new factors addressing the school dress policyhave come into affect. One rule being, no athletic sandalswithout heal straps may be worn during school hours. I find thisvery silly, because students spend so much money on sandals overthe summer, that it would be wasteful not to be able to wear themto school.
Students spend most of there time during the schoolyear at school, therefore they should be comfortable so theymight have a more pleasurable learning experience. Another factor to changing fashions is, most shorts andskirts are made higher than three inches above the knee. HoweverNicholas County High Schools dress code does not permit shorts orskirts higher than three inches above the knee. This isridiculous because most stores dont even sell shorts that long.
Maybe the school officials can take the entire student body on ashopping trip and try to find a wardrobe that abides by theirdress code. I doubt they would find this a fun task. Nicholas County Highs dress code is too strict. In this dayand age with new fashion and with the different personalities ofevery student, students should be permitted to dress how theychoose, as long as what they choose is decent.
The way peopledress is an expression of their personalities. When you takeaway the right of expression you are basically telling people notto be themselves. Students have the right as people to expressthemselves how they please, and if this means breaking dresscodes then so be it.Even so, if Nicholas County High Schoolinsists on keeping this unreasonable dress code then teachersshould set a good example and follow the code also.Bibliography: .

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