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Published: 2021-07-16 19:00:05
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Dune by Frank Herbert is one of the greatest Science Fiction novels of all time. The story is about Paul Atreids as he tries to take back his planet (Arrakis, a. k. a Dune a pure desert world.
It is also the only place where spice can be found. Spice is a drug that gives people the ability to see the future, health and long life, (hence the saying, Health and long life are the gifts of the spice, Dune the Sci Fi mini-series)) from the Harrkonnens the Atreids mortal enemy. The book is based in the year 10,946 B. J (Bielgium Jihad) in the Imperium of man under the rule of Shaddam the IV.
The main characters are The Baron and Paul Atreids. Paul Atreids is the son of Duke Leto Atreids and the lady Jessica. He is MuadDib the Fremen messiah (The Fremen are the natives of Dune and the greatest fighters in the known universe. ). The Baron is the ruler of Giedi prime.
He is sadistic and he hates the Atreids because an Atreids had the ruler of House Harrkonnen banished for cowardice. The book starts off with House Atreids moving to Arrakis. Paul father, Leto sends off men to recruit the Fremen to his cause because he believes the Harrkonnens will attack Arrakis (for now on I will call it by its Fremen name Dune). The Harrkonnens make an attempt on Pauls life and a traitor shuts down the Atreids palaces shield. Soon Harrkonnen troops and Sardaukar (The emperors shock troops) attack dune. Without the Fremens aid the Harrkonnens capture dune and kill Leto and send Paul and his mother out into the deep desert to die.
After the assault the Sadaukar leave. The Harrkonnens believing Paul dead begin to solidify their hold on Dune. After killing their captors Paul and Jessica escape. As they run, a worm (A giant worm, Usually about a kilometer long and about thirty feet wide with sharp teeth) tries to eat the pair but they escape into a cave. Later Duncan Idaho, a loyal Lieutenant, picks them up and brings them to a hidden Fremen base. There Sardaukar attacks them again and Duncan dies buying time for Paul and Jessica to get away.
Later they are found by a group of Fremen who think Paul is the MuadDib (their messiah). After Paul kills a non-believer the Fremen begin to worship Paul. He teaches them the Wierding Way (A technique of fighting). He gets a bodyguard of fredakyin (Fremen death Commandos).
With his troops Paul begins a guerilla war against the Harrkonnens and their spice production bring it to a halt. He then meets a Fremen girl named Chani falls in love with her and takes her as his concubine. Since the spice production stops the emperor himself comes to Arrakis and prepares to kill MuadDib. With the emperor landing on dune, MuadDib attacks with all of the Fremen on the planet.
He takes the emperor and the last surviving Harrkonnen prisoner. Paul then fights a duel with the Harrkonnen a kills him. Paul then marries the emperors daughter and becomes the new emperor. The story ends there.
I enjoyed this book greatly. I liked this book because of its strong plot and good characters. Also because of the storys many action packed moments. Unfortunately I learned nothing from this book. I recommend this book to anyone who likes Science Fiction.

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