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Published: 2021-08-02 01:55:07
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England has one of the finest educational system in the world. All English children between ages 5-16 must attend school. About 90 percent of the students go to schools supported entirely or partly by public funds. The rest of the students attend private schools. The Department of Education and Science and local education authorities supervise England’s school system.
England’s educational system tries to give all children an education suited for all thier abilities. For many years, every child has to take a test called an 11-plus examination after attending elementary school from ages 5 through 11. This test determines which three specialized high schools–grammer, secondary-modern, or technical– a child would attend from ages 11 to 16. Grammer schools prepared students for college entrance. Secondary-modern schools provided a general education. Technical schools offer technical training, just like the United States.
Englands public schools are famous for their great college preparation courses. Every single public high school has at least one college course, and they have been running these courses for hundreds of years. Institutions of higher education in England include universities, technical colleges, and colleges of commerce, art, and agriculture. Two of the greatest and most famous universities in the world, Oxford and Cambridge, are in England. The country’s largest traditional university is the University of London, which has about 65,000 students.
But England’s Open University has about 120,00 students. It has no regular classrooms. Instruction is carried out through the radio, television, and written correspondance! I think thats so cool!!European History Essays

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