Enduring Issues In Criminology Essay

Published: 2021-07-29 05:25:07
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Enduring Issues In Criminology Essay, by Boomstrom, ed. , is written in a debate style that allows the reader tocompare and contrast major philosophical views such as the rehabilitation debate.
This book contains articles of opposing viewpoints on various issues, but we will concentrate on those dealing with rehabilitation. The articles on rehabilitation generally reflect an ideological left or right point of view. Bartollas, aliberal, takes a positivistic approach and supports rehabilitation of criminals and blames factors outside thecontrol of the offender for causing criminal behavior. Enduring Issues is meant to provide insight into these theoretical concepts and allow the reader greaterunderstanding of one’s own perspective. The popular opposing views are to explain the differentperspectives that exist in criminology as to the function, purpose and problems of the criminal justicesystem.
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