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Published: 2021-07-15 21:15:06
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Born in Cincinnati Ohio, Ted Turner is one of the richest people in America today. He got there by having an idea of what he wanted to accomplish and going after it. He is the owner of two professional sports teams the Atlanta Braves and the Atlanta Hawks; he also as his hands in the Atlanta Thrashers. He is also the owner of the Turner Network television, a Cable New Network (askmen.com). Ted Turner has come a long way from his early upbringings in Cincinnati, Ohio to his multi-billion dollar corporation.
Ted Turner was born Robert Turner III. He was raised in Cincinnati, Ohio where he went to school. Turner had a stable childhood his father ran his own advertising firm and his mother kept the homestead. He was a very active kid, he was known for his eccentric behavior. He was given the nickname “Terrible Ted”, he grew grass in his dorm while in school and had a particular interest for taxidermy (askmen.com). Turner was always getting into mischief in school. He was once expelled for being caught with a female companion in his private quarters. Turner was given many nicknames in school; “The Mouth of the South”, “Captain Outrageous”, and he even collected his America’s Cup prize drunk. Turner was also an excellent yachtsman in his day. In 1977 he was the skipper of the boat, Courageous, that won the America’s Cup. The America’s Cup is the most prestigious event in yachting. When Turner was 24 his father committed suicide. Turner then took over his fathers firm and restored it to profitability (askmen.com).
Turner’s father’s firm was struggling before he took over. In 1970 he stretched out into another business venture also, he bought a small television station WJRJ-Atlanta. It was a small, struggling UHF station. Turner was always one that thought he could take anything and make it better, and nine times out of ten he did. He renamed the station WTCG, for the parent company Turner Communications Group (turner.com). Over the next couple of years Turner made a success out of WTCG. During the month of December in 1976 WTCG originated the idea of a “superstation” (turner.com). In 1979 the company name was changed again, this time to Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. This system used satellites to broadcast cable all over. WTBS became the biggest broadcaster of cable in the world. It spread to one hundred and sixty million homes, about two hundred countries, and nearly forty languages (askmen.com). TBS made leaps and bounds in the television industry. One of their biggest was the launch of CNN. CNN is a twenty-four hour news channel. TBS has grown outrageously, it is now comprised of TBS Superststion, Turner Network Television (TNT), Cartoon Network, Turner Classic Movies (TCM), Turner South, Boomberg, there are even foreign versions of some of the stations like TNT Europe and Cartoon Network Asian/Pacific. TBS, Inc. is the world’s largest basic cable provider. It employs more than eight thousand people worldwide. Phillip I. Kent watches over TBS, Inc..

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