Essay on Poverty And Its Effects On America Essay

Published: 2021-07-29 08:00:07
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Poverty is usually referrer as the condition of having little or no money, but in some circumstances it can also be described as lack the means of support. According to Global Issues in the Causes of Poverty, over three billions of people live on the wages less than 2.5 dollars per day and 1 billion children, which is equivalent to one in every two children in the world, live under the condition of lacking shelter, safe water, or health services. There is also a huge misconception about the abundant food around the world. However according to the United Nations, there are still about 20,000 people die everyday by hungry or poverty related causes.
Even though extreme poverty is not very common in the United States, it is a huge problem for many nations around the world. The income disproportion within the nation is a huge problem since the most wealth are control in hand of small population and the rest of the people share a little or no resource. Overcome poverty is also the start point to achieve any other sustainable goal, because people will only worry about the surrounding whenever they fulfill their basic needs. The population that is primarily effected by the poverty are mostly the underdevelopment nations. Huge population in the nation depends on the agriculture for wealth and even with the support of the developed country, a natural disaster still can cause the entire nation to have a tremendous hardship. Because the lack of the health care, most of the destitute family have a higher mortality rate and need more children to carry on the responsibility.
The poverty will also cause the lack of education within the children, because they simply need to work for their family’s food. If we continue this bad loop, the situation. .tion in any government. Follow by the lead of the vanguard, I want everyone to promote others with the idea and help everyone to realize the situation. Even though it is easy for just talk about the problem, I want my actions to create the grass root movement among the society and make others understand the importance of education and end poverty gap.
In conclusion, the terrible outcomes lead by the poverty can not only effect us right now, but also damage the life of the next generations. Poverty is more than just lack of incomes; it is also the limitation in the resources to ensure a sustainable livelihood or even the access to education and other social services. The path to overcome poverty is definitely not easy and the cost will be gigantic, but if everyone is united for fighting against the global issues, together we can create a better world for the future.

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