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Published: 2021-07-18 12:50:06
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When we were young,I just knew I would find you. I might not of known you,But I knew what you were feeling.
The day we met I knew it was you,The one in my dreams. When I think of you I know my prayers have been answerd. All now that I can hope for is that you will always love me. And when the day comes that we shall part,and leave one another. . .
. Just think tomorrow we will meet again. Sometimes I feel,That this might be the end. But you always reasure me and say that this is only the begining. You say that you love me,But sometmes I wonder.
Like when you say the things you do. I love you and even though I get confussed,I know that you love me. And I will never let you forget this…We have made it this far,we are here till the end! ________________________________Bibliography:

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