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Published: 2021-07-22 17:05:05
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When someone mentions the word hero, people picture Hercules, Batman, or even Superman. You might picture a knight in shining armor riding into the sunset with a beautiful woman along side.
Some people picture the skinny models who prance around in clothes and always look beautiful featured in Vogue, and Cosmo. Other people picture the CEO of a top company, making over ten million a year. Some might even picture an ex-president, or even their teacher. But when I hear the word hero I dont picture any of those things. When I hear the word hero, I look past all the fame, and fortune. I look past how beautiful my heroes are, or even how ugly they might be.
My heroes have no memorial named after them, no tree planted in their name, as a matter of fact, they rarely get a Thank You for the work they do everyday. My heroes arent the kinds of people who have had their 15 minutes of fame, and I have uttered but maybe one or two words to them in my life. My heroes are the kinds of people who arent recognized in our everyday lives, because what they do is in some weird way common, yet at the same time uncommon. My heroes are the kinds of people who do the little things in life.
The people who hold the door open for you, say Hello to you, a tiny smile or even just a little wave can make my day. My heroes are the kinds of people who do their deeds not out of how much recognition they might get, but out of the kindness of their heart. No thought is involved in the things they do, they do them just because that is the kind of person they are, sweet and kind to everyone. My heroes are the kinds of people who do the little things in life, because its the little things that count.Words/ Pages : 327 / 24

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