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Published: 2021-07-30 06:10:07
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Two-dimensional art -Also called the graphic arts -Plat and has two dimension: height/ width Examples: Drawing, painting, engraving, lithography, silkscreen, commercial art, photography Three-dimensional arts -also called as plastic arts Heightened/thickness Examples: Architecture, landscape architecture, city planning, interior design, sculpture, crafts, industrial design, dress and costume design, theater design Lines and their elements Lines – is the simplest most primitive, and most universal means for creating visual works. They may be brood, faint and hardly seen, ragged or clear and distinct Kinds of lines Straight Line Horizontal – line of rest, quietness, relaxation and contemplation. Also suggest infinity.
Vertical- line Of potential action though it is not acting dynamic and forceful, suggestive of authority, dignity, majesty and balance Diagonal- line of action, the degree of action is determined by its angle Curved Line- show action, life and energy Quick Curve or small arc of circle is exuberant Slow curve or the arc of large circles suggest daintiness and grace A double curve that turns back on itself is an “S” shape Space -? Architecture is primarily an art of space and other art exist in space while n painting the most obvious technique in creating space are the various types of perspective Perspective is a technique for creating space. This is technical means by which we perceive distance in painting.
Examples: Linear, foreshortening aerial perspective Texture- has to do with the perception touch. It is the element that appeals to our sense Of feel Of things – Rough, smooth, bumpy or slippery Value – lightness and darkness ; Light given to the painting Volume – it is the quality of an object which enables us to know that it has thickness length and breadth – Two ways to perceive volume Contour lines that outlines or shapes objects o Lights and shadows – Paintings can suggest volume through the shadows and contour lines painted in and do not change – In sculpture, outline and shadows change when the viewer changes position Color – is one element inherent in any object of reality.
Color can express moods and suggest impression ; Three attributes of color o Hue – is the quality of color which distinguishes it from one color to another ; 3 Primary Hues- red, blue, yellow ; Secondary hues- green, orange, purple o Tint- can be achieved by mixing hue with white Shade- can be achieved by mixing black to a particular hue – Color Harmonies o Adjacent or analogous: green, yellow green, yellow o Complementary- any colors opposite each other: Red and Green o Split Complementary- hues opposite on each side Of its compliment: Green, red violet and red orange o Monochromatic- uses one hue but of different value o Accented neutral – any neutral color paired with any color in the color wheel: white and green Organization.

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