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Published: 2021-07-30 03:25:07
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Art is about getting you to feel a certain way, striking you emotionally. Art can be about color creatively and appealing to people emotionally. It’s about taking your time to create something worth calling art. It is not about pissing in a jar and dropping a cross in it. That could be seen as offensive. Art is about pleasing the eye. Take a look at my example of art. Look at how the colors complement each other. You look at the picture and you get a soothing feeling. It relaxes you. It makes you forget about everything once your eyes meet.
The cabin lighting and the skyline gives you a mellow feeling. The water is reflective, it looks so real. Art can leave you with an awe feeling, it soothes you. You think how somebody took their time and effort to create it. Using different colors in art makes you feel different feelings. When people use bright colors it brings out life in the picture. When artist use colors like bright yellow or bright red it brings out life in the art. It makes you feel happy. Using dark colors can make it seem exactly that or it can make it feel gloomy.
You can get such an emotional feeling from art. Art and emotions go hand in hand. Art can also be shocking. Art is a form of expression. Art can be a way to vent. When you combine all these three things together you can get some real outlandish things. Anywhere from shocking to dark. Shocking art commands a response. Art can be used to show what is going on in the world in a shocking way. It is made to cause controversy. It is made so that people talk about it. It will show what is going on in the world in a different way.
People may not agree with it and may want it to be taken down. I remember when I was a kid would see art as the artist expressing her or himself. Now if I see a piece of art that it is shocking or expressing a certain event going on the world it can be shocking to me or offensive. For example the picture of a man jumping out of the world trade center because he choose to fall to his death over burning. That is somebody’s brother, father, husband it just isn’t right. I think even a child will see that is not being right.
That picture is what shocking art and striking an emotion is at its core. Art has remained timeless for many of years. Art is part of our history. From the very beginning when our spices were not even humans yet we were caveman. Caveman would draw pictures on the walls of animals and symbols. Art has been painted in ceilings with lot time put into it and stayed like that for centuries. We have put classical art in museums and guarded it with high level security worth millions of dollars.

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