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Published: 2021-07-15 00:05:08
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1. I have heard a great deal about my father, tales of extreme hubris and smugness were always mixed with those of noble and humble intentions. He seemed to exemplify at times the focus of this essay on pride by Frazier.
2. Men, more so than women in my experience, seem to be guilty of: not stopping for directions, attempting to fix things about the house with little or no knowledge of them, zoning out in front of the television, commonly being afflicted with hubris, this is the main weakness of males. 3. The difference between pride and stupidity will be decidedly luck.
4. When does pride become stupidity? Describe the line. 5. What can a person do to try curbing this appetite for taking pride min things of little or no value?6. The knowledge of kid Icarus is somewhat vital in understanding the other analogies in this essay, for they are all basically the same. 7.
The line between love, bravery, pride and being funny is a fine one and only luck keeps us on the right side. C. Summarize-In life we often times try to take on what we do not understand in hopes that pride and luck will carry us through. Things that seem half-brained any other time become amazingly good ideas under the influence of pride. Frazier demonstrates this beautifully.
Pride is what we see as one of the worst attributes to have in yourself. Yet, sometimes it is the driving force of great acts that take place. The game is hit and miss at best. D.
Imitate-Ive looked at it from many angles, wondering how the feat was managed, admiring the mountaineering skill it took, and in the process noticing the architecture of this estimable old building much more closely than I ever would have otherwise. I have gazed down upon it from many viewpoints, pondering why this had been performed, noticing the performance skill required, and in the process admiring the octave scale of this newer piece of music much more closely than I would have otherwise. E. Rhetoric- The language in this essay is simple and downplayed form many of the other essays I have read in this book. It was quite refreshing to read words so plain and true about a topic that affects everyone in the world (mostly men).
Pride was funny in its frankness and delectably simple. A mere 1 pages long this essay said what it needed to in the easiest words possible and got out. Frazier seemed to follow Carvers advice on writing essays and short stories.

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