Frankenstein By Mary Shelley Story Essay

Published: 2021-07-19 07:10:06
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In the story Frankenstein, written by the author Mary Shelley, VictorFrankenstein decided that wanted to create a being out of people that werealready dead. He believed that he could bring people back from the grave.
Playing with nature in such a way would make him play the role of God. WithVictor Frankenstein feeling that he had no true friends, the only relief he hadof expressing his feeling was through letters to Elizabeth. Elizabeth was notVictors true sister but he loved her very dearly, making sure to always writeher when ever he had the chance. Yet, when Victor left something strange cameover him.
Already being interested in subjects such as natural philosophy andchemistry, he fall upon the question of how to bring someone back to life. Hebecame very involved in this project and worked on it for days on end. Theproject had to do with defying the laws of nature. Victor believe wholeheartedlythat he could bring the dead back to life.
He felt that the dead were not readyto die and they were just resting. Victor became so self absorbed into hisproject that he seem to forget all that was important to him. He even disengagedhimself from all the people he loved in his life. People like his father,Elizabeth, and other loved ones. Victor began to write less and less.
Yet, itwas not until Elizabeth got a discouraged letter from Victor, did his love onesstart to wary about him. Though, the letter was full of words, it gave no reliefto Elizabeth, because the words meant nothing to her. However, they meant a lotto Victor, because he felt the project in which he was working on was soimportant to him, in his own delirious world. He felt that with bring peopleback to life he would not only better man kind, but also establish a name forhimself.
With this type of attitude, he did not even take into considerationthat he might make the world a worse place. This part in the story shows theirony. The irony being that Victor Frankenstein feels he is doing something goodfor the world, but we later find out just how bad this creation could be. ThoughElizabeth wanted to pull Victor away from his project, he was unwilling to leaveuntil it is complete.
After Victor found how to bring his creation to life, healso found out just how evil his invention could be. His creation was strong andevil. With the escape of the monster, Victor Frankenstein had to come torealization of what his creation might do and the consequences thatFrankenstein, himself would have to deal with. With the murder of his brotherweighing the guilt on his shoulders, Frankenstein know he had to do something. So he went looking for the monster. Upon their meeting each other, the monsterconfessed that when he found out that William as Victors brother he killedhim.
He then proceeded to tell him that he killed his brother due to the factthat he was trying to get back at his creator for bringing him to life andallowing him to be an out cast in society. This killing prove to Victor that themonster did not know right from wrong or how to cope with his anger. Thisaggression made Frankenstein’s creation violent. While talking with the monster,the monster demanded from Frankenstein to create a partner that he could be ableto live with away for society.
At first, agreeing to the demand, but laterrealized that if his first creation came out to be a killer so could the secondone. With this in mind Frankenstein revoked his agreement and decided againstcreating another monster. Though, knowing that this decision could be dangerousto him and his loved ones. Yet, he had to think of what was truly best for mankind.
Bringing the dead to life or saving the lives of the living. Another peaceof irony in this story is, just like Victor Frankenstein who had no friends andwas different from the rest of society so was the monster. Also, whenFrankenstein decided to play God and bring the dead to life, his creation tookon the same role when he decided to take away some ones life. All in all, bothFrankenstein and his creation had some of the same behaviors and both were goingto die themselves and be lonely meanwhile.Book Reports

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