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Published: 2021-07-24 05:15:06
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Through Lie Express CharacterThroughout the novel, Jake Gatsby explains the type of character he is, through his lies.
Gatsby acts out to be a man who has it all. The only item missing from Gatsby’s life is love. Love is the only true key to happiness with out it you are lost. Gatsby goes all out to be loved even if it means lying.
Gatsby shows his love, to the love of his life Daisy, who is in love with another man named Tom. Tom and Daisy are married, but Tom is having an affair with another woman. With this on going problem, Daisy tries to get back at Tom by returning the favor of cheating on one another. With this Gatsby fall in love with Daisy, but Daisy is still in love with Tom. The love web involved becomes so twisted that Gatsby ends up losing his life.
Gatsby’s love for Daisy causes him to make false statements about how he got his money. Gatsby tells about two different stories about how he got his money. Gatsby said that all his money was inherited by a wealthy man that he came to be good friends. He also said that his parents had died and he was all-alone. All the lies were to empress the people of the upper class how cool he is now. These lies were brought forth to indicate to the reader the reason for his lying was to win the love of Daisy.
Gatsby is shown as a man who will screw you over in the end for his benefit. Throughout the novel Gatsby personality is negative, but loving and caring when Daisy is around. His caring and loving can only be seen when Daisy is spoke of. Mr. Gatsby acts phony to his acquaintance at the parties he throws.
His fake personality comes to play a part when he throws his parties. He tries to act as if he is a good citizen who earns his money a fair way. In reality, he earns his living as a bootlegger. He sells alcohol illegally during the time of prohibition. Through the lies and rumors that go on Gatsby is killed.
With Gatsby’s party life, the rumors of Gatsby having an affair with Mrs. Murrtle and killing Mrs. Murrtle. Mr. Murrtle takes these lies serious and kills Gatsby to obtain his so called revenge.
The lies and rumors that Gastby revealed came to haunt him in the end. Throughout his love for Daisy, he tried different ways to get her to love him. Gatsby lied by acting like someone he is not. Gatsby love to her was through other people. All the friends he made, turned out not to be his friends.
The loneliness that he experienced caused him to find a way for his friends and Daisy to love him. He never won the love of Daisy or his friends. The lies and games, he played cost the loss of his life. Throughout the novel, Gatsby’s lies clarifies his personalities in positive and negative aspects. One he tries better off his style of living. The negative aspect is that lying is unfair and can cause various types of problems.
Overall F. Scotts Fitzgerald indicates that Gatsby’s is a man searching for the best. Gatsby’s expresses his character through his lies and rumors that were started. It also showed that he wanted the one item love, to have total happiness. With his lies, he never reached his goal. His lies about how he received his money indicated that he wanted to earn an honest living.
Through lies, one may show his true character and earn a reputation as a liar as did Gatsby.

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