Greek Myth – How the Turtle was created Essay

Published: 2021-07-24 05:40:06
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When the war between the Titans and the Gods was over, Zeus hadcommanded the two conquered Titans Prometheus and Epimetheus to create anew being, one of higher intelligence, that could rule over the animals butbe the slaves to the Gods. Prometheus and Epimetheus agreed, andPrometheus got some dust from the Earth, mixed it with some water, and madesome clay. This he set before Epimetheus and himself, and they set to workon how they would make this new being.
The task was not an easy one. Prometheus and Epimetheus arguedterribly, mostly over what the new being would look like. Epimetheuswanted the new being to look like the Gods themselves, to be moulded in theGods image. This, Prometheus argued, would make the new being too much likethe Gods, and eventually they would overthrow them and mutiny. Prometheuswanted the new being to be like the animals, walking on four legs, headbowed low, in humble service to the Gods.
Epimetheus argued that if thiswas to happen, a new being of higher intelligence would not be created, asmarter animal would. And so they argued, and all through their argumentsearthquakes could be felt throughout the earth. This was because the claythat Prometheus had fashioned had continuously been changed and changedagain into many shapes during the course of their argument. In thebeginning, it was just a lump of clay. Then Epimetheus fashioned it into ashape of a man, in the image of the Prometheus twisted it into a beast ofburden, like an animal. Then Epimetheus twisted it back, and Prometheusback, and so on, until the lump of clay that was formless and shapeless hadtaken the look of a twisted, warped, God-shaped animal.
It still had itsfamiliar lumpy look, but the limbs of countless animals and the heads of adifferent men were still there. Prometheus and Epimetheus had argued longand hard and the warped piece of clay showed it. Zeus heard about this, and he confronted the two Titans. “What is this?” Zeus thundered. “Is this to be the new being that is torule over the animals??? This is no more than a rock with legs! Banish itto the sea, the land, and the watery valleys, for it is not suitable evenin the face of Pluto.
Fashion yourselves a new piece of clay and make sureyou get it right this time. ” So harsh was the wrath of Zeus that Prometheus hastily agreed withEpimetheus, and the new being was to be made in the God’s image. Prometheuslooked at the warped piece of clay, grabbed it, and breaking it into 3pieces, sent it hurtling towards the earth. One animal shaped piece landedin the sea, one on land, and one in the marshy, watery valleys.
ThenPrometheus set out with Epimetheus to create this new being. The pieces landed in all of their respective places, but one piece, theone that landed on land, came into the hands of the God Eros. Eros wasfascinated by this creature, for it was wise, because of the man-like shapeand knowledge given to it by Epimetheus, and it had its own home on itsback due to the lumpy clay and the animal qualities given to it byPrometheus. Eros breathed his life giving breath into the clay, and thenew being formed. He called it the Turtle. Eros then travelled all aroundthe earth and looked for the other 2 pieces.
He found them, brought themall to life, and left them to populate on the earth. This they did. Theturtle had its own home on its back, due to the lumpy clay which did notform. In the case of the sea turtle, it only laid its eggs once a year. Thiswas because of Prometheus and how he broke the clay. The third piece wasthe one that landed in the water, but this turtle had more of the lumpyshell that the others had.
The others could store their eggs in theirhome, and they laid eggs more frequently because they had less space. Butthe sea turtle had the more room in its shell, and she could store moreeggs, so that is why the sea turtles lay eggs once a year, and the originsof the Turtle.

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