Impressive And Edible Table Decorations Essay

Published: 2021-07-16 03:30:05
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Demonst. Outline Impressive & Edible Table DecorationsGeneral Purpose: To teach a unique and creative craft to the audience. Specific Purpose: To show the audience an inventive way to decorate forparties, holidays, and even weddings. Central Idea: Holidays, parties, and even formal events have manyopportunities to display a simple, easy, and impressive decoration. Introduction To Speech:I. Have you ever watched a chef or culinary artist create somethingamazing out of a simple food and wished you could do the samething? Have you ever wondered why it looked so easy? II.
You’ve probably heard the expression “You eat with your eyes beforeyou eat with your mouth. ” Whether you are entertaining your guestsby cooking an Asian or Western cuisine, nothing enhances acarefully prepared dish like a graceful fruit or vegetable carving. Transition: Decorations can make or break any affair, but can be extra-special if done with creativity and originality. BodyI. An eye-catching garnish will add to any dish being served. a.
The food can be canned soup ; beans, but if the presentationlooks great, the food will appear to be of the same caliber. II. There are only a few general techniques to remember for thecreation of basic food art. a. The knife should always be longer than the fruit or vegetablebeing cut throughb. Cutting wedges is a technique used for many different creationsand should therefore be performed accurately.
III. Explanation of 3 decorations. a. Apple Swanb. Orange Fishc.
Radish MouseTransition: All of these are simple techniques to spice up a dcor. Conclusion: Next time you attend a banquet, or host a party of your own,remember these ideas and apply them. Perhaps you can create a few newideas yourself in the process. Visual Aids: Pre-made carvings of each animal, along with the partialdemonstration of the one main creation.
Audience Analysis: I know the audience has probably never thought of foodart, nor have they been exposed to an opportunity to learn the craft. Ihad a hard time trying to consider the people who have not interest in thesubject at all, but I think those people will be satisfied during the hands-on creation of the food animals.

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