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Published: 2021-07-27 15:10:05
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Kaixin Peng Instructor: Kevin O’Neal MusiC 33 11/24/13 Second Concert Report I went to Mr. O’Neal’s second Jazz concert today, which took place at a little bit far but very nice Jazz studio in San Pedro. There was a beautiful neighborhood nearby, and it was the first time IVe ever been to San Pedro. I was kind of tired since I went there right after I got off from work, but I still be excited and couldn’t wait for the wonderful music. My friends and I had a seat before the concern really started, it was a warm and sweet little room.
Then I looked at the little stage in front where Mr. O’Neal’s going to perform later, it was Just fit to everything. I like the design of the stage: they had colorful lighting on five separate pieces pure white background , a new classic piano, a bright blue Jazz drum which I like the best, and a set of red African drum, they really made me look forward to the show. My friend also ordered the pizza the Mr. O’Neal recommended, and we were ready to enjoy the concert! At around 4:45, the concert finally began.
All the members of the band was sitting on their seats and getting ready, except for Mr. O’Neal, while everybodys looking for him, he suddenly appeared. Everyone in the room was clapping so hard to welcome Mr. O’Neal, then he started his music right away. The first song named “Un Poco Loco”, I love the tempo of those two different type of drums that were playing in this song, it gave people a kind of lively and pleasure feeling, and Mr. O’Neal’s face was funny. The second song was a lyrical song called “l should care”, sang by Mr.
O’Neal, the lyric was very touched and the melody made me relax, I enjoyed listening to Mr. O’ Neal’s singing, however, he made a Joke in the end to pull out a long tone seem to be endless. After this he rested for a while and introduced his band members to the udience, he said “l only hire those people who are uglier than me and shorter than me, and talented”. There was total six guys on the stage including Mr. O’Neal, one played the piano, one played guitar but Mr.
O’Neal said that he can play all the instruments, Mr. O’Neal himself played base and vocal, one played saxophone, and two other guys played that two different kind of drums, yet, unfortunately I was not able to remember any of their names. The third song was “Key Largo’ which Mr. O’Neal said it makes him think of South Florida. Then, there was Lady Candy up to the stage, she sang the song “Loverman” with her amazing voice. She performed the song “Regresamelo Todo” with her enthusiasm.
My favorite one was “l fell in love”, she sang in Spanish with full of love, it was very graceful. Later, there was another gentleman who came up and sang a song with her in Spanish as well, then the gentleman had a special performing of the song “l wanna be where you are” by Michael Jackson. The last song that Mr. O’Neal brought to us made me feel free and cheerful, it was called “Bolivia”. Thank you for giving us a such wonderful night, I really enjoy the music of the concert! Jazz concert report By missangelinababy

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