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Published: 2021-07-17 17:55:06
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There is a very special person in my life named Kelli; she has had an amazing impact on my life. Ive learned so much from her such as how to treat everyone equal, and how to never give up. Her beautiful personality never stops astonishing me. If the world lacked people like Kelli, it would me a very rude and non-interesting place to live. Kelli overcomes lifes obstacles in an everyday situation its like she has more strength than Superman.
At a young age she was diagnosed with a staff infection that killed her pancreas, now she was diagnosed with Diabetes. At the age of 16 Kelli also found out she has a disc problem in her neck and the doctors told her physical activities were not a good for it and will put her in a gigantic amount of pain, but she wouldnt quit that easily. Even with the doctors word not to play the rest of the basketball season Kelli said I will never quit that shows signs of weakness, and she completed the season. Though all of these obstacles Kelli is still strong and will never not perform to her hull ability. One thing that makes a person great is their personality; this is something that Kelli dose not lack.
You can ask anyone that knows Kelli and they will all say Kelli personality is wonderful. I have been really close to Kelli for almost a year and I have never seen her be rude or unpleasant to anyone or anything. No matter what it could be I have never seen Kelli deny helping other people. For example this year their was a blood drive in school, and not caring if she would get sick due to her diabetes she said I would be sick for a few days to help someone in need of blood.
She never looks at anything in a bad way, she always finds the best possible way to analyze her life. If you are having a bad day just go visit Kelli and she will brighten up your day by just being around her beautiful personality. Words/ Pages : 368 / 24

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